Saturday, September 18, 2010


I was a bit randy years ago. Well I still am but with texture now lol.

I actually considered being a gigolo when I was very young. Pay for my attention. Pay for my acting/writing? Hmmmmmmm........ Well you get what you pay for.....

At any rate, I didn't go far with that career choice. I never had a problem meeting women but something kept me from making a living at it -s-.

Of course, with elections coming I witness the pimping and people selling themselves. There seems to be a consciousness rising among the people. I hope so. Yet, in order to Restore the Republic, it will take more than just a resurgence. Nothing short of a matrix altering movement is needed.

Unfortunately in Indiana, John Hostettler is being kept from running this Fall. He was in the middle of a three way primary bid which has propelled Dan Coats, antigun RINO and statist to be pitted against Brad Ellsworth, antigun Demo. Ellsworth softsells his liberalism and occasionally votes for something to disguise his liberty sucking tendencies.

Elsewhere, there seem to be some promising races coming. We will see. I suggest not letting up, but continuing to expose, to get masks to fall and never ending pressure for the right thing to be done.

At least gigolos give the women they service something for their money. Mercenary maybe, but what you see is what you get.

Our public servants are not that. They prefer to be served and in lieu of results give nothing back.

So unless and until we get more honor involved, we will get MOS. The left right rhetoric will sing song until bold rascals come to the front.

I'm not saying I want gigolos in office, but it would be nice if more said what they meant. And we unwaveringly saw to them paying us back with results.


teacher said...

How many are truly willing to do so, son?

C. Nick said...

It will be business, or shall I say bs as usual.

Cap'n Stabbin said...

Argh! Clean yore weapons me swabbies!