Friday, September 10, 2010


Our rights are God given.

Doing what's right can be different. And yes, here comes the explanation.

The radical Moslems are having fun trying to build a mosque near, not at, Ground Zero.

They are legally within rights to build there. But morally they are causing trouble.

It is being referred to as a rabat. Here is an exerpt from the 911 Stop The Mosque At Ground Zero rally in NYC. This is Rosa Leonetti speaking. 'Her sister’s husband, Lieutenant Joseph Gullickson of the FDNY’s Ladder 101 in Red Hook, Brooklyn, perished on 9/11, rescuing the victims of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.' from Atlas Shrugged and the following:

“It did not matter to the four hundred and eleven emergency workers (who died) what the race, religion, nationality or ethnicity of the men and women and children were within those towers. … We have shown much respect and, above all, tolerance during these very long nine years. … tolerance for a mayor who puts his own business interests in the middle east ahead of the long suffering of family members … tolerance is not reserved for just one religion or one ideology … Do not ask us, the family members, to be tolerant of those who demonstrate selfish self serving behaviors and attitudes.”

“Abdel Faisel Rauf is quoted this week as saying that if we don’t do this right … anger will explode in the muslim world. Well, imam, anger is exploding in America too. He stated that if this situation is not handled correctly, it could become something very dangerous indeed. Does that sound like tolerance to you? It actually sounds more like a threat. Mr. Rauf, Americans do not like to be threatened. Tolerance is not reserved, nor should it be parceled out, to those who use the excuse of building a cultural center when what they are erecting is a rabat. … A rabat was typically raised in the midst of the conquered infidel as a symbol of strength and superiority.”

'Mr. Rauf, Americans do not like to be threatened.' That's a telling statement.
We don't like our rights trampled either, though there enough who stand by as they are.

Here is the link to a great story about the event, how the media distorted or ignored the rally, what the opposition was doing and facts about radical Islamism:

It's explained better than I ever could.

Read please and spread it around.

In this Republic one's rights end at the end of the fist and before it hits someone's nose. Unless it's self defense, which may come as the radicals of all religions press us into it.

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Peacenix said...

People speak of peace. But they have no idea that it has many meanings. Just as love, hate, 'reasonable' and 'fairness'.