Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sorry Didn't Do It

I've seen many a kid try to say 'sorry' when found at fault.

And when it's mine, I tell them sorry didn't do it, they did. I have then exacted appropriate punishment.

Often, sorry is used as a lame free pass by people so shallow, they have never or rarely been called on the carpet. There is a heavy price to pay when people are not made to feel responsible for their own mistakes or at least punished, for some of these interlopers don't care.

We often pay for these others in so many ways.

I have no doubt much of Congress has this attitude. Just look at the track record.

They deserve to made known that THEY are the perpetrators who are ruining the Republic. They need a smack on their backsides.

The flat of the sword of truth comes figuratively to mind -s-.

It only gets worse unless they are given no option bt to do right or step down.

They will decide their own punishment.

Ohoh. That sounds sooo provocative.

There is a particular person who ascribes to the sorry lip service. Once, he said 'sorry about that' then proceeded to mutter threats and epithets at me. He's only hurting himself and the time will come when payment for crime is rendered.

It is the historic warning to these gov brats that WE the People want them to do right or leave eventually if needs be by arrest.

When the time comes, they will know as will the world that sorry didn't do it.

They did.

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Anonymous said...

Arrest. Try. jail or execute for sedition and treason.