Tuesday, March 30, 2010



It's clear what went on.
Thanks to Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street Irregulars he makes clear what went down.


It was well planned and the effect will continue. The name Hutaree will go down in infamy, thanks to fed exploitation of a fringe group. And as Mike says, militia will be equivocated with copkiller.

Psychological warfare indeed.

For years the tv press and Hollywood have given militia a dirty tinge, both in stories of the Islamofascist 'militias' and any mention of militia in movies and tv shows.

There has been only a lumping together as though the Constitutional Militia lays claim to the Islamo or the fringe groups like Hutaree.

Never are any who stand for Freedom shown to be decent honest Americans who want to Restore the Republic.

There have been a few attempts at a message in the ravioli re what's happening.

But the liberals etc. are like fleas infesting an old dog.

All the same are we to the liberal fools. But now some are going to increase the demonization.
And in the mind of many a cop and 'man in the street', any 3per, militia member, Freedom lover will be a copkiller or terrorist.

Then we must maintain the high ground and as I've said reconstruct what they deconstruct.

Expose THEM and show the ultimate instability that is the lot of the liberal.

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