Thursday, April 1, 2010

Growing Up

I've been asked if I will ever grow up.

I don't plan to in this lifetime -s-.

I'm talking of course, of childlike vs childish behavior.

Childlike is spontaneity. it's having fun and being honestly emotional with likes and dislikes. It's being able to play.

Childish is selfishness, bordering on sociopathy (for some, tipping way over), greed, apathy, entitlement. Spoiled kids.

Being childlike has a price.

When the play is over, it's time to clean up and get to work.

The factor missing or present is responsibility.

Those who retain the negative mememe aspects of childhood obviously were not taught to take responsibility for their actions. Or, perhaps, it did not take.

There are those who are outside morals, decency, regard for others.

They never grow up, not as those of us who maintain the cherished fun of childhood.

But the difference is just what I have stated here.

It should not be muddled.

Those who are childish are not integrated. Their mememe attitude fractures their development and stops them from giving, unless it is a shallow give so they can take. It's a matter of perception and if delved under the surface, it's quickly seen as the selfserving at any expense crap that we see nationally in 'politics'.

Those who are childlike have achieved a certain balance. The fun they have is truly a respite from their labors. They do not shirk responsibility. They embrace it. They give, and any taking is mitual. Give and take and take and give. If examined, they are seen as fair and decent. What a word, eh? They surface in politics, and are rare.

The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

That is, you must be watchful.

Be aware of yourself and others.

Don't let the 'rascals' get away with their crimes.

Find others of like mind and rally to them.

So, have fun, but don't lose focus.

Be mature in the ways of the world, but never grow up!

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Anonymous said...

Liberals are 'toys r us' kids.

Freedom lovers are lovers of toys?