Saturday, April 3, 2010

Of Towers And Treason

Sounds like an Alex Jones expose.

As I've said, AJ mixes truth and shall we say sensationalization.

Like the case of the parents who had their kid taken because cops alerted CPS that they were teaching the kid not to trust the gov, that it was becoming an enemy.

Seems the Founders talked of that.

Imagine if they tried to take any of their children.

Besides, Franklin had so many kids, that would have been a challenge -s-.

That's why I read a great many things. I look for that message in the ravioli.

I watched, as many around the world, 911.

My kids woke me up. Yes, they were self starters and we were home schooling at the time.

I watched the towers pancake.

Immediate thought was that it was place charges. I still believe that.

I also watched in horror and revulsion, as people chose to jump from windows rather than burn up, in the photos that appeared later.

Think what you want.

It's not the gov that did it. It was a faction, people in the gov. That's what po's me. The gov no. Compartments in the gov, yes.

Were they working in collusion with Islamofascists? Probably. But only surrepticiously.

Then it was point the finger in any direction.

There are people who can do that kind of thing aka blow up buildings and kill indiscriminately.

Long, laborious missions that can take years.

Setups that are patiently planned and unfold not just in the hour of some spy show, but for months and yes years, with various ends.

Scenarios and yes, there are people who are paid to come up with them, are played out.

And there are those who give a rat's ass about the casualties.

And there are those who DO care, who plan missions with minimal sacrifice.

Sometimes the fortunes of war influence the outcome.

But, very little is done without planning.

And the results, well, watch what happens.

See the great strides in tyranny since 911, no matter the fault.

See the gross stupidity, the arrogance, the presumption that Americans will roll over.

See the fiendish delight that mottles the faces of the collectivists/elitists as they watch people 'debate' who did what to whom.

See the downfall of the Republic and watch it slide into democracy.

See some of us say bullshit!!!

See some of us wake up as many as we can to said bs.

See some of us expose the criminals in DC and the States.

See even fewer of us rise up as 3pers.

See perhaps even fewer commit to Restoring the Republic.

See yourselves in the role of a lifetime!

Your choice.


teacher said...

There is no choice, my boy.

teacher said...

Btw, must I teach you treason/sedition?

Mike H said...

No. I think the traitors in Congress have taught us all well.