Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why Dates Seem Odd

It's fairly simple.

Time and effort.

I have limited time to post.

My efforts are greatly going into making my professional writing successful

But, I will not slack or even betray the message here.

I have posts queued as drafts to facilitate posting while working on scripts etc.

Sometimes they lay a bit.

I generally post them as they were originally dated. Kinda lazy, but I figure if the message gets out, that's the important thing.

I will update if I have several posts and want it done later and I have to dig into the drafts.

Not much skin off the noves and I hope btw, for some success soon in the ol showbiz.

A lot is changing and I will keep this blog going as well, no matter what.

1 comment:

Mike H said...

Guess posts automatically update. And yes, I'm reviewing my blog, housecleaning spam etc.