Thursday, April 8, 2010

Emotion And Reason

There is nothing wrong with a whimsical flight into fantasy, or at least a couple of hours suspending disbelief. The time for that may be narrowing quickly, though.

But we need to remember when we suspend disbelief watching a movie, tv or even a stageplay that it's passive. We receive info and it gets processed usually emotionally.

Then there are people like me and my kids who look at the way a story is put together. We search for facts and take a story apart.

No fun you say? Nah. It's a trip. We can still enjoy the story as is and frequently do.

We simply like to analyze, see what makes things tick.

Unless, hehehe, you make a flick that helps you actually think.

Have any been made yet? Sure.

I plan to make a couple myself.

Anything that stirs discussion could be considered.

Something that is remembered.

And no this is not going to be a post about flicks. I do that enough.

It's simply about reason and emotion.

It would be easy to say that reason and emotion are what separate 'liberals and conservatives', collectivists and Restorationists etc.

That's too easy.

It's true that the libs appeal to unthinking emotion. Nothing gets processed and it's for the children anyway etc.

Most 'conservatives' etc strive for reason. We work out what's going on and examine it, warts and all. Sometimes it's not pleasant looking in the mirror -s-. But if we don't, nothing get better or solved etc. The facts ma'am, nothing but the facts.

It's still not that easy. Nothing is.

Emotion can spur reason, otherwise we lose touch with who we are. There is no way to connect without it. Emotion and reason are inseparable. It's a matter of balance. But it's more.

Such a combination is stabilyzing.

The collectivists etc, try to overwhelm impressionable people with emotion.

'Oh, no, it's for the kids' or 'Don't let the poor starve' etc.

We must go beyond this and balance emotion with reason and add self responsibility.

Teach the kids to take care of themselves and teach the poor to feed themselves etc.

Thinking AND feeling.

Or feeling and thinking.

You can't have one without the other.

The ability to attract and to reach out.

Head and heart.

Start and finish.


Freud said...

We would go nuts without both.

Mike H said...

Which reminds me, I'm planning a post about how nuts the antis and otehr assorted collectivists are unstable themselves.

It's been done, but I will do my take on it and add a little personal experience/insight.