Sunday, April 4, 2010


Oh G-d, how some of those who are your chosen betray you.

The ancient Hebrews were spared death because the Angel of Death passed over the houses with doorways smeared with lamb's blood.

Still, in spite of frequent miracles, many turned away.

It's no different now.

I'm reminded how Aaron Zelman of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership remonstrates fellow Jews who are antigun and antifreedom.

They insist the state must nanny us and protect us.

They ignore history and common sense.

Many are collectivists with only a veneer of Judaism.

So often the spiritual is given lip service when it suits the user.

And they are dangeroulsy near having history repeat itself.

Disarmed people shuffling off to cattle cars, then death camps.

The shtetl mindset that made sheep of many could come to play again.

'Why is this night different from all other nights?' So begins the Passover ritual of fellowship, meal and worship.

It is different because it tells the tale of G-d's caring and miraculous bid for Freedom.

Those Hebrews were meant to defend themselves as they indeed did when Israel became a kingdom.

The Creator can only do so much. Then, it's our turn to show gratefulness and industriousness/initiative.

As they found out then and through all time, Freedom must be maintained. It is a costly, necessary upkeep.

Freedom is a gift that must be repaid. Indeed it is not free.

As with faith it's not stagnant.

It must be active and kept alive by living it and we must have a willingness to do so.

Don't let Passover pass you by without such thoughts.

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