Friday, April 9, 2010

Trick Bag

I've had a few thrown at me and some set for me to step in.

Antigunners commonly lace their survey questions to compromise a position that would otherwise be progun.

Newspeople have tried to, shall we say, manipulate more than twist my words to put me in an ill light. Okay, they twist too.

Trying to get me to incriminate myself or entrap me comes to mind too. One guy asked me advice to do away with his exwife. I gave none. I told him to get lost.

I just say no.

I caution them not to incriminate THEMSELVES.

There are rumors and innuendoes as well.

I understand someone has been trying to besmirch David Codrea of late lying and taking things out of context to make him and eventually all of us to be violent thugs. Also, there is the fast becoming famous rumor (aka lie) that Mike Vanderboegh is a Brit agent.

Too bad Pat McGoohan is gone. He could clear that last bit up lol (Just kidding in case someone is gullible).

For more on those dramatic vignettes, go to War on Guns and Sipsey Street Irregulars. Yonder to the right are easy links.

Too bad Pat McGoohan is gone. He could clear it up lol (Just kidding in case someone is gullible).

There is the infamous meeting I had in '07 with members of the Counter Terrorism Committee in Indiana re no guns in the Statehouse.

I've never seen people dance around an issue and try to warp my statements to fit their cause like one of the IDHS biggies (Herself very friendly with the CIA rep on CTASC. Can't prove it. But I know. Maybe she'd say I'm trick bagging her. Nope. I have a rep for the truth aka Freedom.).

Then the was the badmouthing some of them engaged in to make me seem a nutcase. Stand up for Freedom and you will be in someone's trick bag.

Farther back a church official tried to paint me as extremist and prejudiced for standing up for said Freedom. The collectivist pig failed, but damaged my rep with people either gullible or whose jobs would be in jeopardy if they sided with me.

Fight trick baggery with the truth and spread the word and stand by your word as well.

Don't give up, no matter the cost.

The future of Freedom is too important.


911 Redux said...

Dem wascawwy widdo CIA buggers, hehhehheh.

Mike H said...

Wheres Flappy when you need him -s-?

sofa said...

How about 'oath keepers' backing down once people started the name calling?

Mike H said...

Sounds like trick bagging to me.

I'm interested to see what they do come Monday.

They may be playing for some kind of position or maybe they are backing down because they are paid by Uncle Sam/municipal govs. Or they might be 'loyal opposition (Don't thinks so but throwing it out anyway.).

We'll see.

And no, I don't like it.

Mike H said...

I forgot a classic trick bag.

Several years ago we had drug dealeers with a lab next door.

They knew we were onto them.

they set it up so the teen son yelled at me, 'Don't point that gun at me'.

A drug march was going on nearby and instead of marching we stayed home that night.

So around 8 cops ended up in my living room.

They detained me right there and questioned me.

I told them to call the county Sheriff, whom I knew and a cop that went back to high school with me.

Turns out, they left. One was very disappointed though.

About a week later, the scumbags moved.

And yes, I know about 'no talking to cops'.

Those guys I knew however.

Now, there is NO way I'd do it that way.

I'd clam up and call my lawyer.