Saturday, April 3, 2010


It's a very loose term.

I resent and abhor how 'victims' are used by the media and gov to push an antigun antifreedom agenda.

Even more, I loathe and detest people claiming victimhood who claim they are denied entitlement.

Denying entitlement. Wow. Making people be responsible for themselves.

But, more to the point.

Folks are raped, robbed, swindled, cheated etc.

They need help.

But they need to achieve not just survivorship, they need to prevail.

There seem to be few who work with victims.

And there are those who try to maintain victimhood.

How loathesome. It's like healing a wound just so much then opening up the stitches and letting them fester til attention is gotten. Then, the 'healing' begins til a poster person is needed to promote whatever the state is trying to shove down our throats.

Facing problems is one of the major things we have taught the kids.

God forbid they deal with crime against them.

But if they do, they will be able to deal with it and know they have backup.

Victim assistance often has to buck against the state.

I will demonstrate this soon in a film championing those who go beyind victimhood and those who help them do so.

And, yes, we are all victims of the criminals in charge of gov at this time.

And most assuredly, we will overcome them.


teacher said...

He was beaten for our iniquites and with his stripes we are healed.
Jesus the ultimate Victim.

Mike H said...

No argument.

Anonymous said...

Yes. We are ALL victims of big government.

Time to take back our lives.