Saturday, April 10, 2010

Living And Recalling

Living in the past is so different from recalling the past.

Some retreat because the world has gotten unviable for them.

Some are comfortable with old ways and in spite of the fact those old ways don't work always, some cling to them.

And then, there are tried and true traditions.

Knowing our history is important because how else can we make sure our heritage survives?

But I'm glad to be here, now in these 21st century tumultuous times.

We are here now for a reason.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

It's our turn to stand up for Freedom.

Too many get blissful and cossetted about the Founders etc. Obviously part of the reason we are in the pickle we are in.

Another reason is the apathy and 'I don't care' feeling shared by a goodly number.

Many have been misdirected by collectivists and history rewritten from that matrix.

Get strengthened and fired up for the Restoration of the Republic!

This is a big weekend for all Americans if they would let it be.

Donate, visit, demonstrate, wear a gun, buy more,get the word outboth generally and person to person.

Both live to recall what is to come to your kids and grandkids so they will pass it on.

The motto (now changed) of my high school, North Central, was 'Having light, we pass it on to others'.Do so now.

Don't be caught wanting and wishing.

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Pastor Goodfella said...

Don't forget to pray and/or think of all the folks and what's going on this weekend!