Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Incident On 10th Street

I've had quite a few incidents over the years while at our Neareastside 'gulag' (classier than ghetto).

My son and I were walking somewhere when a guy crossed the street and asked directions to a homeless shelter.

He advanced toward us and I ordered him to keep his distance. He balked and I insisted.

Engaging me in conversation, he tried to flank me, even with my son to the side watching.

I gave him directions to the biggest homeless shelter in the area, in the opposite direction from which he came.

All the time, he tried to inch closer. Did he think he could take us both?

I issued a final warning, indicating if he kept advancing, I'd defend myself. We counterflanked him, keeping a wide berth.

The whole time, we watched for the slightest hand movement.

He decided to live another night and went on, in the direction away from the shelter, of course, but leaving us alone.

The complete event took a very short time to transpire.

We kept moving ever observant.

I mention this now because what seems to be transpiring concerning the health care issue and responses to it.

The libs advance. We warn. They try to flank us and we warn we will defend ourselves.

Will they live another night?


The Old Ranger said...

Events are moving quickly. They have no intention of stopping, thinking they have the upper hand.

We will disabuse them of that.

They are making the mistakes. They will continue to overstep.

We will defend ourselves.

No one is rushing to violence on the side of Freedom

The collectivists will when they think it will quell or stop us.

That is the fault and weakness they have always born for centuries if not longer.

How quickly things unravel is up to them not us.

Be ready.

teacher said...

There may still be some hope with the States and the US Senate.

However, we must resolve to keep our word and do what is necessary to ensure Freedom prevails.