Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Re Windows Etc

Can't imagine anyone coming here first, but if you do, please get to War On Guns and especially Sipsey Street Irregulars.

Note the handy links to the side here.

Mike Vanderboegh is doing well expressing himself as usual.

There is quite a stir re the window breaking at Demo hqs round the country and much talk of the health crap bill/now unconsttitutional 'law'.

Show your support for Mike and his efforts and express yourselves as to what we must do now and in the future to bring back this Republic.

As they say in the theater before a performance, 'break a leg' or, in this case, break a window -s-.


teacher said...

I come here first, but that's because I've known you personally for long -s-.

And yes I check out Mike and David every day!

Mike H said...

TY teach.

psych prof said...

Breaking THEIR will is not impossible. But it must be done bit by bit as you have said.