Friday, April 1, 2011


I think it was the Star Trek OS episode 'Miri' where the long lived kids used to have foolies. That would be pranks designed most likely to fool the rabid adults so that the kids survived.

April Fools Day was fun for me as a kid. Always a prankster, never harmful, I loved to 'surprise' people.

Sometimes in the realm of foolies, the tables can be turned. It's part of the fun, the give and take of pranking. You wait for the right moment and counterstrike -s-. It's a great way to break the ice and make friends. As for those who don't like practical jokes, I avoid people without a sense of humor.

One of the common pranks is to declare something that one wouldn't usually say or do. Or, a statement is made that is unlikely or hoped would happen.

Say a gunowner says he/she is giving up his/her guns. Haha. Or how about a funny from my Bro's school paper, 'Russia Invades The US!' Hoho. Or the current Administration rescinds all gun laws. Hehe.

Sometime maybe I'll talk about past April Folls jokes. But hey, not today. If I told everything, there would be no mystery. It would be boring lol.

To accept a joke or prank pulled well with good grace is healthy.If you have a thin skin stay home.

Ok, how can so many be fooled for so long by politicians into thinking all is either well or going completely to hell? It's the road too often travelled. It's the same mindset that wants to be taken care of, to be told what to do.

Get those people scuba suits. Yep, they are deep in 'de Nile'.

Now, I'm gonna give up and abandon any effort to be free. I'm puttin' my mind on hold and doin' what I'm told.


Wouldn't want to disappoint my fam and fans lol.

And I sure as hell won't disappoint those who would be our masters.

They'd miss me.


teacher said...

We are pretty much going in the can though huh?

Mike H said...

Yes and no. It's a chess game.

Boo said...

How about not being boring and banal?

Mike H said...

That's a New Years resolution. How about not being an a$$?