Friday, April 22, 2011

Time Flow

Funny how we note time. Slow, fast, it never stops.

The time flies. We hardly get started and we are done. Or the job lags, on and on. It is a matter of perception. It's what we're doing that seems to make time speed up and slow down.

Who hasn't had to do things that are tedious, boring routine? There are unpleasant doings that make us want to drop and give up.

My way of dealing with the grueling circumstances is simply to concentrate on what lies before me. Do it and move on. There may not be a specific reward. It may be getting something over with that would have to be reward enough.

Get it done.

The alternative is to sit or lie down and let time drag on as nothing gets done.

Or equally negative is to mindlessly occupy one's time in circular pursuits.

I'm not talking of r&r, taking some time to 'veg out' or rest a bit.

I'm a past master at that lol.

Occupy your time. If there is a schedule, by all means stick to it. Just don't be a clock watcher. A watched pot never boils. Well it does, but you perceive it to be very very slow. If the pot needs to boil, let it be and occupy your time with something else.

There is always something to do.

Time will carry on no matter what we do.

Let it and use it.

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teacher said...

Or lose it.