Saturday, April 16, 2011


Not your little dog too, though that could have metaphoric significance.

In toto, the sum of all parts. Every bit of it counts, though much is overlooked.

It is in the bits that we often rise or fall.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned in life. Recalling them all at once might be daunting. But they are around nontheless.

Yet here we are, in one maybe not quite neat package. It's how most people see one another.

They (Freedom suckers) try to pick us apart bit by bit. We should pick them apart instead. Quit being nice and expose collectivistds etc for the Freedom sucking mokes they are.

Yes, they are the sum of their parts. It's important to know that and study why they are what they are.

Being literate and even civil as well as low voiced and not shrill are great things to do. Then again so are being to the point and loud work. Depends on the situation.

Let the sum be appropriate to the mass.

Take apart and put together.


johnny d said...

Or let em fall apart from within.

Mike H said...

A good firm push helps -s-.