Friday, April 15, 2011

Bullying Today

I don't like bullies. Whether it's grade school or gov., I despise them and what they do.

Guess this is a tandem piece to the last one 'Serial Fight'. So, Captain Obvious says read it first. Or after this. I won't bully you -s-.

I am very concerned about the way bullying is treated these days. As stated in Serial Fight', things have changed. It has to do with the collectivist mindset conditioning people to accept help when the normal way of things is for self help. Perhaps there is advice and support, but one helps oneself. That was the way I was taught and is the way I have taught the kids.

Now kids are bullied and commit suicide. It's not epidemic as the lamestream press would have us think. And oh, I'm not a dickhead without compassion. It is my compassion that reaches out to people to find solutions. I am sorry for the loss.

But many have lost the capacity to deal with bullying. We must be coddled and protected instead of controlling our own destinies. Jeez, cops are made to call supervisors routinely when faced with decisions previous generations would solve or at least decide for themselves on the spot.

Kids, or anyone can actually be punished for fighting back, physically or otherwise. Kids are arrested and or thrown out of school for defending themselves. Other folks are sometimes arrested for defending themselves with or without firearms. Not all the time, but enough to show things have changed.

When the kids entered school outside the home, we made clear if they were attacked that they would defend themselves. From what I've seen we were fortunate as we got little resistance. There are still some old school schoolers.

Of course, zero tolerance rules mostly, thus all parties are thrown out and adjuticated. Then there are the kids who get tossed for carrying Swiss army knives. A girl at Pike High school here in Indy was castigated and suspended for having one. never mind it was something she carried a long time and used to scrape rosin from her violin bow.

It's all about the endeavor to control our every action. Micromanaging gone rabid.

The cure to this is to confront it as the bully IT is.

We must resist and hold these control freaks to task relentlessly.

It's like my motto of REconstructing while the enemy DEconstructs.

As far as understanding what causes bullying, I have no objections to this. It's how the subject is approached. Understanding has become coddling or to be nice, ahem, appeasement.

Poor Johnny feels inadequate so let's reason.

Nope. If Johnny offends, he should be punished and made to realize there are consequences for his or her, actions.

If Johnny is genuinely, say, sociopathic, then johnny should be permanently removed from the populace.

Don't back down, take some licks but finish the fight.

If we knuckle under, the bullies will finish the job.

And as I said before, never turn your back on an opponnent.


teacher said...

Stand your ground laddie.

Mike H said...

Now more than ever -s-.