Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Almost Life


A word 'almost' as big as 'if'.

Almost can be devastating.

Several POWs almost escaped from Stalag Luft Drei aka the 'great escape', as in several were murdered many recaptured and more not able to escape at all.

Almost can be an excuse.

What if someone puts some effort into something and fails? They can say they tried then wallow in the excuse that they just couldn't make it. Halfhearted effort yields the hoped for response. It's safe to almost succeed.

Hey, Yoda said 'there is no try, there is only doing' or something like that. The point is for some things almost doesn't cut it.

To have made an effort and fail for me means I'm gonna make an effort til I succeed. Jeez, I sound like one of those late night commercials for motivational (fill in the blank).

Some things just don't tolerate failure, such as Restoring the Republic. There is no almost. We either take back what has been lost as it were or we do not.

Be even more persistent than those deconstructing. Construct bit by bit. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

Gradually, there will be no more almost. There will be well done.


Nuggets said...

Could I have medium rare please?

Mike H said...

Better than a piece of old leather.