Thursday, April 14, 2011


It used to be a mark of wisdom. Age was revered. Nowadays not as much.

I see these inane commercials where some chick is so repulsed by some dude with grey in his beard, or he's bald, or too 'small' etc. Oh lordy!

Our personal fears are played upon and it seems to work with some. I figure take me as I am. Sure I'll put my best foot forward. I even shower and apply deodoranr -s-.

Far as age goes, I've known older people who are dumb as a box of rocks or are double distilled a$$holes. Generally I give them benefit of the doubt and I practice common courtesy, unless there is a reason not to do so.

What's terrible is the disdain some have for older folks. So many things in Hollywood are youth oriented to the exclusion of people who often actually pay for the stuff kids buy.

A certain amount of that is ok. But it's disproportionate. I'm reminded that a group of older writers sued and won against some of the studios. The reason for the suit was discrimination as younger writers were hired, excluding age and experience.

My kids have respect for their elders, with the same caveat I apply. I told one of my daughter's friends that everyone has to be some age.

I get ribbed about my back and eyesight. And I rib back that age and skill/stealth can overcome youth and strength.

Actually it does boil down to what you do with what you've got.

If it weren't for the past, where would the future go?


Gramps said...

Don't throw the baby or the old man out with the bath!

Mike H said...

Focus and marshal your energy.