Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Orleans Nuance

There is more to the Katrina events than met the eye.

There are lots of dramas either unpublished, ignored or kept close to the vest.

Let's say, for the sake of conversation, that what I discuss here are several 'what ifs', a series of hypothetical situations based on hearsay.

First, not all guns were confiscated in New Orleans. It's a big city and its suburbs spill out.

Yes, some guns were stolen by the cops. Notable events stand out, such as the bar owner who was doing just fine and even had some business, offering his bar as a place to cope with the crisis. He had successfully fended off several brigands, until the cops, several of whom came from other jurisdictions to aid their 'brother' only ones (especially after many NOPD lit out, deserting their posts), took his shotgun and pistol. Then the predators robbed him.

Another sterling example of police state work was the disarming of an elderly lady which was recorded and disseminated at YouTube among other places.

She was explaining to the thugs, who she should never have allowed willingly into her home, that she was quite self sufficient. She had ample food and water, which she should never have shown them. Then the ultimate mistake; she let them see her revolver, stating she could also protect herself. These a$$holes then wrested it from her grip, hurting this elderly lady. They were physically and verbally abusive.

If it were me, I'd have their asses in a sling legally, individually civil suing them, making their lives so uncomfortable maybe they would even regret their actions. At least they would pay. Of course, finding out where they lived would be above the law. Then again they thought they were above the law.

Oh, yes these outstanding pieces of shite were from Cali, Highway Patrol?

Bet she never got her gun back. Those from whom they were stolen had a devil of a time reclaiming any stolen property. A bunch of legal rigmarole led them on an unmerry chase.

What I'm getting at was what I said originally. Not everyone got their guns taken. Some defended themselves. Of course, criminals did, between robberies, burglaries and rape. They always have guns.

But, decent honest citizens did as well. There was resistance. Some eluded police and troops. They studied the patterns of patrol and the methods. Some were simply under the wire. When a net is cast, some fish escape. Some played cat and mouse. Knowing the patterns, there were those who would vex their wannabe masters. Thus some of the gunfire heard was harassing, suppressing etc.

The official reports described the gunfire coming from thugs. Indeed some did as in thugs with badges firing on townspeople in response to said harassment. Some did respond to criminal behavior. But, how could one tell the criminals from the cops with many openly stealing themselves?

A certain percentage of the 'deliverers' were actually repelled. And, I cannot confirm this, but it is probable, that a few 'authorities' ended up missing.

As to whether they deserted or for some other reason only conjecture could tell. You decide.


Badgeless Bluto said...

Shocking. I thought there was no control save for our boys in blue.

teacher said...

Bullies back down from positions not just of strength, but positions that are tactical and strategic.