Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ancestors And Now

I've talked about this before. Now I'm talking about it again.

I have, in my time run into prejudice, bigotry. At it's worst a defense mechanism by people hurting. They don't want to face their own fears, so they lash out. It is also a tool of evil, whether the bigots are conscious of that factor or not.

Discrimination in and of itself may not be a bad thing, however. It is a word that has been used by collectivists to condition people into thinking we must accept anything shoved down our throats.

And if we oppose collectivist tyranny, they claim we are bigots or, get this, the current popular smear, 'haters'.

We have a right to choose what is right for us, as long as it doesn't harm others. I don't dig it, but that would include peacefully living away from people of any stripe.

Me, I dig variety. But some people are just darn difficult to live with. Especially when they want to take rights away. It's a symptom of mental illness known as controlling due to lack of self.

All that color of skin and beliefs hoohah doesn't cut it. Differences are used by collectivists aka our enemies, to drive us apart and keep us there. Actually, differences make the world go around. Keep in mind there should be a common thread that binds us.

That's America. We are different yet the same, not we are different and that's it.

Cultural differences take a back seat to our Freedom.

Oh yes, about the title.

Ancestors are a great thing to have. Without them we wouldn't be here.

Most of mine were apparently decent folks. But they were human and subject to flaws. Even the scurrilous ones were in place or there would be no me.

In spite of their sins and triumphs and ours, we are here.

Broken record again. We are now.

It's our turn.

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historyteacher said...

History repeats itself because human nature remains the same.