Monday, April 11, 2011

True Or False

Maybe it should be called truth or consequences.

False allegations. Such as the recent case of a high school teacher accused of having sex with one of her students. Sounds like a broken record.

It was proven conclusively that she was innocent and the kid who accused her was a serial liar. It isn't always the case of course. There are plenty of monsters looking for opportunities to take advantage aka rape kids. And the packaging doesn't make any difference.

One of the female teachers convicted of having sex with her students was actually rather foxy looking, at least as far as I could see. But looks are abrogated when such an abomination is committed. They aren't all gnarly looking raincoat donning freaks. Ted Bundy looked like a yuppie.

Yet, there is something about these things. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. I believe that. Look at their eyes. There is something blank. Or worse, something murkily malevolent.

Then look at the eyes of parents separated from their children by the horrible bureaucracy perpetrated against them. Bewildered and lost, severed from those they most dearly love.

I am first to tell you that any parent who betrays trust should be dealt with. But what of those who are decent honest people who care for their kids? What if they are falsely accused of hurting their kids?

I have worked for the rights of noncustodial parents. I have seen how sick malicious parents have schooled their own children to lie concerning abuse.

It's as repulsive as the actual child rapists who have always plagued society.

There is no cure for it. There is only containment or eradication.

Falsity cannot be confronted with truth alone. It must be dealt with action.

Don't just take it.

Chase the chasers.


ghostdad said...

Once a finger has been pointed, it is hard to take it back, rather like a bullet.

Mike H said...

Choose your targets well. And don't give up.