Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It was a nickname I acquired from the 'bad boys' aka greaser gang in Jr. High.

I must have about 12 when my parents got me a weight set, just a couple of dumbells and a long set. My brother helped me learn how to effectively use them and keep from hurting myself.

Then I got a membership to a gym, working out three times a week.

Some of the mokes just didn't like me getting in shape. Chalk it up to jealousy I guess. I was an achiever, while most of these guys weren't. They were a mixed bag though. Stereotypes are too easy to apply and a lot gets looked over without a closer look.

Some of these guys actually had smarts but acted dumb because they were afraid of being labeled 'eggheads' or thought of as sissies.

You might recall I set them straight when I had my 'serial fight' with one of them.

Yes you can have brains and the ability to fight. They kinda go together. You can have brains and grease your hair and wear a leather jacket. Big tip from Captain Obvious: It's what's inside that counts.

It would be interesting to see how these guys have fared over the years.

Like anyone style over substance loses. Just look at the socialist 'utopia'.

Style as an individual expression of Freedom always wins.


not arnold said...

We must keep pumpin.

bikerbob said...

Maybe it's closet leatherboy syndrome.

weighty matters said...

Would you have to be a dumbell to hurt yourself with weights?

Mike H said...

Like anything else, be aware, know wht you're doing.