Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Greaser And The Sergeant

A certain JROTC Sergeant was leaving campus to go to his car and head home.

He, along with the other Sergeant at this high school, were World War 2 vets. They both had served in the Pascific theater. Many were their stories of war at the gut level. They relayed these tales never to brag in some warped way, but to instill in their students the realities of war. They described the way war affected them and the reasons for waging it at the time it occured.

They could be quiet, even soft spoken at times, though not when barking commands lol. These Sergeants had served well and knew there was never anything to prove, there was just doing.

As he approached, lounging on his car was a greaser. Those were the guys romanticized in Grease. The moniker came from the hair oil and greasy preps that decorated their hair, swept back often with a curl hanging on the forehead and a 'ducktail' of hair in the back. That was the way the lateral hair came together in back, meeting in the middle.

Now, I used Score and VO5. I looked like a bad Dracula wannabe -s-. It was the attitude that most of these guys had. Arrogant a$$holes, usually lazy and disdainful of education. Of course there were some who weren't and I might talk of stereotypes another time.

This guy leaning on the hood of the Sergeant's car was of the former ilk. A troublemaker, he'd been thrown out of school before. He was a bully and may have dropped out. He may have woken up and made something positive of himself. Don't know. But it's what happened next that I recall.

Seeing this miscreant leaning on his hood, the Sergeant warned him to get up and move away.

The punk just smirked and didn't move.

With that, the Sergeant picked him up and threw him to the ground.

That was it. He didn't try anything else and slunk away, end of story.

And it was. The Sergeant suffered no repurcussions for assaulting a student. The student was banned from the campus.

Imagine if that happened now. The Sergeant would probably be at least remonstrated if not fired for assault. The punk's parents would probably file chaqrges against the Sergeant and the school.

Poor baby. He was just misunderstood.

BS! He had been allowed to get as far as he did. The Sergeant put an end to it, at least as far as pulling crap on campus goes.

I'm not here to debate what's happened in the States. That should be obvious to most. Of course, many don't. It's why I publish stuff here and the people featured to the right on this page and many more, get out the word.

Incidentally, the Sergeant only threw him to the ground. He could have done so much more. Hand to hand combat with Banzai chargers and cleaning out rat's nests island to island gave him plenty of experience. The kid got off lucky.

And the Sergeant was in complete control of himself. That made him and his fellow instructor great role models for up and coming future members of armed forces.

This was a man who took his oath seriously. He took Freedom seriously.

There are those today like him. But oh my pc is wrapping itself around them.

They still have that personal power that made them responsible then and now. And when things get rough, they will stand with other citizens and get rougher.

There are fewer now.

But along with the rest of us, there are enough.

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