Monday, April 11, 2011

Touchy Feely

The bureaucratic monsters at TSA are at it again like a mishapen juggernaut bent on destruction.

I watched a traumatized six year old girl being poked and prodded by one of the oafs with a cracerjack badge on the news.

She pleaded for her parents to make them stop. The parents were 'powerless' to stop these jackoffs. Uhuh.

I've had dealings with the local mokes who run TSA in Indiana.

David Kane is the Federal Security Director for TSA Indianapolis. He certainly enjoys his position and can't help bragging about the latest outrages violating our Freedom. His is the 'reasonable' companionable face of these Freedom suckers.

One of the last times I wore my gun at the Statehouse before our civil rights were violated, I had taken the bus downtown. That very day TSA tried searches at selected busstops. Fortunately, they didn't molest me. I would have refused and ambled down the street. The idea so far has not caught on.

I told Kane I had taken the bus. Oh Indygo didn't 'allow' guns on board their buses. I told him what they didn't know didn't hurt them. And I certainly expressed my disdain for his little experiment for checkpoints at busstops. He just smiled and told be to be careful lol. I told him I always was -s-.

Suffice it to say, I'm well known in town re security issues. Don't know about no fly list as I haven't flown in years.

The following is a link to an actual TSA blog re a seemingly fictitious story about troops being searched in Indianapolis. Blogger Bob is the TSA shill. NB how he manipulates the subject. It's lengthy so try speed reading lol.

There is a lot of skepticism but only one person echoed my feelings that TSA should be disbanded.

The bureaucratic excuses run rampant.

Afraid I'd get in trouble because if someone touched my kid, I'd have to respond.

We'd see though it's gov, how a dedicated campaign of lawsuits would feel.

There have been efforts but once entrenched, the only solution is dissolution.

Flying is way down and the industry has been hurting. It's not enough.

This abuse continues because it is allowed to continue.

Where will it end?

The long trail of abuses originally led to a War of Independence.

So ot will today if these mokes do not cease and desist.


teacher said...

A long train of abuses will be derailed. They will pick on the wrong people.

Mike H said...

They are bullies who pick on those who either can't fight back or won't. Same with the ftroopers. And yes they will pick on the wrong people soon.