Saturday, June 9, 2007

Friday Meeting 3/30

This is fairly self explanatory. Note the arbitrary nature of this stupidity. Bureaucracy reeks. None of this mattered. They implemented it anyway. I plan to make this arrogance 'stub its toe' and will not rest til no firearms in the Statehouse is rescinded. Mike H

I attended a meeting last Friday with Michelle Milliken of IDHS, Captain Sherry Beck, ISP and Brian Renner, Department of Administration. We discussed the carrying of firearms in the Statehouse.

I asked how they determined the threat level to the Statehouse. They paused and said no specific threat. They thought it prudent to implement the metal detectors and no firearms rule for safety and because other states have done so. I mentioned prudence is a broad word and one should be specific in its use. Also just because others have done this does not mean we should.

Of course I pointed out that the best grassroots counter terrorism is the armed citizen. I further said the Statehouse was safer with those of us who carry. Also, as far as safety goes we are each responsible for our own wellbeing and that the police nor any other agency is responsible. They admitted this.

I spoke in passing about the chat Johnny Nugent and Tom Wyss had earlier in the week. Johnny said that this will create a group of second class citizens. Sen. Wyss told Johnny that a lot of staff were nervous about citizens carrying guns. How many and after all this time? That is my question. Oh boy! My response at this meeting was to say we should help people NOT be afraid, to educate and at least get them over the fear. The trio was a bit stultified.

And I informed them I was told the State Police were uncomfortable with armed citizens in the Statehouse because of training issues. Sherry Beck said that was not so and asked where I heard this. I answered from police I had talked with. I also mentioned that often police have little training compared to many citizens. We then discussed training and I said that Indiana has it right not to legislate it. With rights come respomsibilities. We must seek out training and education and be taught this, to think for ourselves!.

My impression is that it will take pressure from legislators and the Governor to keep us armed in the Statehouse. I propose a rally to show our resolve and to have legislators participate. Any suggestions from all would be appreciated.

Regards, Mike H


Freedom Rider said...

Won't matter. They will chip our rights away til they are gone. When do we fight back?

Anonymous said...

People already are in many ways. many are waking up to the increasing democracy. There are those who feel powerless to stop it. There are those who are making politicians react and will vote them out. They are exposing what elected office holders and bureaucrats have and have not done, what they REALLY think or don't think.

Anonymous said...

Four boxes: Soap, ballot, jury, cartridge. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Mike H said...

Coming soon is Can the Ban. I'm planning a rally and press time to expose the unconstitutional violation of our civil rights.