Friday, June 8, 2007

The Patriot

A work of fiction. Based on FACT! It captures the spirit of the time our ancestors founded this Great Experiment-the only Constitutional Republic in the world.

My 11 year old daughter and I watched together, though the whole family has seen it several times. Each time is a breath of fresh air considering the suffocating times we live in. It encourages, revitalizes, gives birth to inspiration for our times.

The cause of Freedom is timeless. Pardon the preaching to the choir. Spread this around if you will.

As with all things tv-movies we watch with our kids. We discuss and analyze together. So it was the other night.

We talked over the events that led to and commenced and ended our War of Independence. That included our own ancestors.

One of them was President of the Continental Congress for a term, was a General during the war and served as Governor of the Northwest Territory as well. Further one of my wife's ancestors was an original framer of the Indiana Constitution.

That and whatever might get some a cup of coffee. But for us it is a source of pride. And responsibility. Not just because we are blood descendants, but because we have a responsibility in the here and now to do as they did.

So many lost so much. Yet, they gained such promise. A lot has been frittered away. But the core of what they fought, campaigned and died for is still savable.

People are very afraid of 'losing' what they have. Imagine what some of our forebears lost. Homes, children, libraries, fortunes, lives. Still, they forged a nation based in Freedom. Not perfect, so many mistakes and sins against one another. But, the PROMISE of something that cannot be taken away, given by God.

Some of these folks even argued and opposed each other at times. Some freed slaves. Some did not. Some honored our Red brothers and sisters. Some did not. All risked certain death.

George 3rd had death sentences for these patriots, including my ancestor.

Are we so different? Are times changed? NO! Only technology changes, not human nature.

What is at risk now? More perhaps than was at stake in 1776. Or at least, the same thing-augmented. The challenges are higher yet similar.

One third was for independence, one third for neutrality or copping out and one third loyal to the 'crown'. Even less actually fought. Then again 'fighting' is a multi level thing. Body mind spirit. Light vs dark.

We are at great risk now. There are those who propose and have implemented security measures which do more than compromise our Freedom. All along our history, we have made mistakes and compromised our original intent. However, as said before, the hope of Freedom shines. It draws us all together. It cements us as a People. E Pluribus Unum-From Many One. Anything else fractures us and makes us so easy to control.

We are uncontrollable! We are Free! We are Americans! Don't give me color or creed. Give me Liberty or Give me Death!

Small matters=death by a thousand cuts. Every little gun law-code. Every restriction that puts our lives into the hands of government. Every 'compromise' be it guns, environment, where-how to live=micromanaging.

I tell you this regarding our ancestors. The people who founded this country each and every one are EVERYONE's ancestors! What's important in terms of that guy who was General etc is that he and all the other men and women, laid the groundwork for us to follow. It's OUR turn. We are all brothers and sisters in liberty! We must not let them down.

Pardon the length of this thread. It is from the heart and inspires me to inspire you. If I preach to the choir, then spread the word and never stop! Teach Freedom! Every place and way you can. Sometimes my wife and I simply talk to others about not being afraid of guns. Or we talk of how we are being constricted by a boa of tyranny.

Never give up! Then we are Patriots. Amen.


Oldsmoblogger said...

Hello--came over from The War on Guns. I very much like your point here about the fight being on multiple levels.

Case in point: A commenter at TWOG suggested it was time for us all to become Henry Bowmans. Well, I don't know about you, but if I took that literally my career in liberty would last about thirty-eight seconds. :-) Henry Bowman's skills and resources are not mine, and probably never will be.

Everyone needs to know what his resources are: abilities, networks, what one has and sources from whom one can purchase, borrow, rent, trade for, or otherwise obtain), and how to combine those resources for best use. There are many ways to support the cause of Constitutional republicanism, and if we don't reach anyone but the Remnant we will have done as well as just about anyone else ever has.

We won't--we can't--all be Henry Bowmans (or George Washingtons, or Thomas Jeffersons, or Ben Franklins, or Paul Reveres). We can and should aspire and strive to be better than we presently are, but the glory and genius underlying the idea of America is that it is a finer thing to be an auto mechanic, a farmer, a plumber, a shipping clerk, a shopowner, a fry cook, or a taxi driver in a free America than to be a prince in many other places.

Mike H said...

We prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Thanks for the comments. Tell people word of mouth about our Rights! My wife and I do and our kids do as well! It's amazing how far reaching it can be!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Word of mouth goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

yep olds. We are the sovereigns in a Republoc. Why we must wake people to the fact the government has become the master more than the people as was intended.