Thursday, October 16, 2008


When I was a kid, horror films occupied a lot of my moviegoing time. I'd drag my Mom, brother or sister to take me to see the latest horror and sf flicks available. Some good, some, well just taking up space or films so horrible they weren't released, they escaped. I'd spend Friday nights watching Selwyn, the Channel 8 horror host make his corny comments and screen many of the classics of the 30's and 40's. This, after watching Twilight Zone earlier. I subscribed to Famous Monsters of Filmland and enjoyed my monthly forays with Uncle Forrie (Forrest J. Ackerman). I sharpened my wit with his pithy witticisms. BTW, most of the rest of movie time was filled with Westerns, anything with John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Steve McQueen and Errol Flynn. And, don't laugh, the occasional musical. Cultural balance?

The horror movies meant a great deal to me. Entertainment and escape of course. But more, in the form of elemental concepts of good and evil (Bible tales not withstanding). Though often simplistic, they often pointed toward a larger world.

Vampirism was often portrayed with little blood. That progressed of course, as the 60's segued into the 70's and on into the present with little left to the imagination.

What struck me as a kid was the simple portrayal of evil say, with Dracula. How he was repelled by the Cross etc. (Dualistic) Duel of power. What's stronger? It seemed to depend on innate strength and outward faith. Some were destroyed by Dracula's evil. Some resisted. Some caught in the middle. Some triumphed. Seems now like a lot of life.

Dracula often seemed tormented (in Bela Lugosi's portrayal particularly) by his rejection of good/God. Thus he was more easily repelled. Not so with Christopher Lee's Dracula. He seemed to embrace his evil and revel in it. He could be repulsed, but there was much more struggle, even combat. Choices and results.

Van Helsing, as either the old scholar portrayed by Edward Van Sloan or the younger charismatic doctor shown by Peter Cushing, was the go between representing good/God's servant. He dared to step into a larger world and combat evil in spite of derision and the dangers.

The parallels are obvious concerning what's happening to/in our country now. We have slowly been drained of the will to fight. Some have even been seduced to evil by one of its modern names, socialism, through a steady, unrelenting attack. Slowly, like Dracula's victims, the timber of the country has changed slowly to democracy. More is ahead with Count McBama. One or the other. Two flavors of socialism. When he's done, the Count will have created a new vampire. It would be a terrible parody of what it once was, just like any of the fictional vamp's recruits. This US of A would be a blood seeking socialist monster, ripe for plundering and for plunder.

Dracula seemed to fear little. But, when confronted with faith, light etc, he would literally crumble. So it is with Count McBama. He is seemingly unconcerned with the 'little' people he supposedly champions and actually drains.

Believe this: The Count is afraid. He is afraid of light/knowledge being shed on him. He is afraid of the understanding coming to more and more people about what's really 'up' or 'at stake' -s-. And he is afraid of the armed people who are determined that our Republic will prevail.

We can all be Van Helsings. That larger world beckons. Let us step into that world and combat with all means the evil facing us. There will be plenty of derision. Be prepared to be called tin foil beanie nuts, gun nuts, enemies of the state and worse. The dangers are commensurate.

Don't be afraid. Facing evil is rough sometimes. But worth the price. Plan. Research. Be a scholar and know your enemies. Confront them. Arm youselves with truth and guns. And when the time comes, whump some ass like that latest version of Van Helsing. The Count will not be stopped without a fight. Let's give it to him.

An Afternoon Dream

I had a couple of hours to kill before I took care of some errands. I wandered to a local cineplex. Looking over the selections, I decided I couldn't go wromg seeing the Patriot again. Most of the 'stuff' offered was liberal gibberish, full of leftist ideals and/or the emotional content so bereft of reason. I craved that rare jewel of substance. So the Patriot it was. A movie by now, that I have seen quite a few times. It always engenders discussion, thought. It never grows old.

I slipped in and immediately noticed that the seats were almost empty. Not too surprising, since it was the middle of the afternoon and the film had run for a while.

I leaned back and waited for the show to start. Considering the content of the Patriot, my thoughts wandered to the actual War for Independence. I ran some of the facts through my mind. I considered the cost, so dear, so great by many including some of my ancestors.

The lights dimmed, the music rose and I was transported into the magic of the movies. It's a place to escape for a couple of hours or so. To be entertained and given somewhere in the experience, perhaps that 'message in the ravioli' of which I often speak. To be given rest, renewal, a laugh, a tear. Perhaps even to disturb and hopefully inspire.

Somewhere in the middle of the action I glanced around the theater. Every seat was now filled. Mostly men and a few women. Some wore clothes of the 18th century both civilian and Continental Army. There were some wearing Blue. Some Grey. The buckskin of both frontiersmen and Indians. Rough Riders, Doughboys and GIs. Folks in the civvies of the late 20th century and the digital camo of 21st century soldiers. All were raptly watching the events onscreen. None of the clothes they wore were fresh. It was obvious these folks had fought, gotten dirty and bled.

As I observed this, I was choked with emotion and wept unashamedly.

As I did so, one of the 'audience' turned in his seat towards me. He was dressed in clothes from the period portrayed on the screen, complete with a tricornered hat. He cradled a long rifle (Every person in this throng was armed).

When he turned, he looked directly at me. Eye to eye. He spoke no words. The look on his face said everything. It seemed to be, 'What will you do? It's your turn now.'

With tears in my eyes, I answered him immediately. 'I will not let you down.' He nodded.

Then, I choked a bit and noticed the closing credits rolling. I wiped my eyes and strode from the theater.

As I left I noticed the only other people in the audience. They watched the closing credits with a look of pride. The man wore a beret with symbols of his service.

Well, what do you think of my dream?

There is much to do, to plan. It's our turn now. We must not let them down. Nor ourselves.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Round The Bend

I'm tired. I've been chasing this thing for a long while now. We've been zigzagging across half the world. I've never been very good at telling this tale. I will try again. It may be pretty spotty. May be haphazard but here goes.

The girl lay still, like a porcelain figure. She was, just two weeks ago, full of life, love, all the things that occupy a young girl's being. Now her once rosy complexion is like a paper mask. Her chest barely rises and falls. The eyes, formerly full of light and health, now empty, like a blank page.

Oddly, there were times she seemed animated. Sometimes at night, she would rouse and ask to walk. Even more oddly, at noonday, she was similarly almost 'antsy'.

Her condition was halted right now. She was not deteriorating nor was she gaining strength. I was there.

I stood in the breach, so that nothing more could invade her. Neither was anything going out. The more it tried to enter, this phantom malady, the more I resisted in her stead. The more it angered, the more I resisted. It tried lateral attacks. I countered. From underneath, it attempted entry. It was barred again. Angrier and angrier, it tried to claim what it thought was its property. I denied it ingress. No road in. Neither of us were alone.

Infernal allies spread their leathery wings, trying to bolster its efforts. Antipathic cohorts, led a powerful thrust. They almost marched over me, with strident discordant dizzying strength.

When I thought I could bear no more, help arrived. Quietly. Steadily. Wings of light, as they grew, seemed to emit a sound, yet soundless. But there was 'force' there. Quiet assurance. Then what seemed to be a 'rush' of light. Blinding but not blinding, loud but no sound.

During this battle, we seemed to be in the eye of a hurricane. Locked in a vacuum.

Now, there was a way out. Standing in the breach, I felt it give way. Not inwardly but outwardly. It had no choice but to leave. Expelled, it fled. I followed.

Though it tried to hide its tracks, I was on the trail.

I left the girl to the tender but strong care of others. She would grow to be more robust than before. She would grow into the fine woman she was meant to be.

As for me, I was compelled to pursue it. I knew I would not stop til it was vanquished. I was not alone. I was never alone. Sometimes it just felt like it. When fatigue let despair leak into my armor, I thought there was nothing I could do. Then, a rush of fresh air gave me the knowledge that, when all was against the wall, that wall would crumble. The chase continues.

Armed with a sword that I can never lay down, I know that round the bend I will face it. Instead of fear, there is assurance. When I face it, we, not just I will not only be ready, but win.

Beyond that, holding the same sword, I will always look round the next bend for anything that tries to ambush me. It is vengeful. But I am willing to fight anew.

Happy Halloween. The first of several dreams to which you can ascribe what you will.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Tis my birthday month. I suppose most people take time to reflect on the past and hope for the future. I'm no exception.

Relaxing with some Irish whiskey and a cigar, my thoughts wandered to my childhood. I recollected my family as I grew up. The good and the bad. We were not Father Knows Best nor Leave It To Beaver. Neither were we scalawags -s-. Evenings at home watching favorite tv shows. Walking to school and coming home for lunch. Playing soldier, cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians. Standing up to bullies. Learning to do so at the hand of my brother. Shooting and hunting with my brother. Fishing and ballgames with my Dad. Traveling with my Mom and sister. Movies and plays with all of them. Reading incessantly from the adult section of the library when in grade school. Learning to think for myself. Knowing manners and right from wrong. Making choices for weal or woe. I miss them and went to bed dreaming of the past and future.

Next evening, we had a nice cut of steak cooked by my son for dinner. Over a toast by my wife, my own family and myself wished each other well. Then after chocolate cake with triple fudge chocolate chip icing (baked by my daughter), complete with strawberry and chocolate chip ice cream (I'm working out a lot now), I came up with birthday wishes.

My wife is considering several options for her future. She could do so many things. My wish for her is to remain independent and pursue her dreams.

I'm happy we've raised our kids to the point they are now. They are beginning to live their own lives. More and more we watch them step into the world. Considering the state of our beloved united States, they are indeed 'stepping into it'. My wish for them is to be true to themselves and to their Republic. I hope they carry on the fight to bring us back to a true Constitutional Republic. May they be up to the task ahead. I believe the 'comeback' will start with our generation , then passed on to these 'keepers of the flame'.

I feel the time for any relaxation may soon be over. At least, get your r&r where you can. The night is coming and we must redouble our efforts.

My wish for them is to carry on. And for all of us to do our part as necessary. To be free and self determined. To make and keep the choices that will last and the groundwork of a healthy personal future and to foster not just the recovery but the survival of these united States. For that, there is no other choice.

These are my birthday wishes for my family, myself and all of you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I could mention several regrets. I zigged when I should have zagged etc. Sometimes when thwarted, it has led to another path. Repeat and try again -s-. It has led to success and failure. This time, my regret is national, maybe even worldwide. It's not personal. Well in a way it is. It's also a regret I know shared by many. I regret Ron Paul is not running for President.

I can think of no one holding national office better qualified. He honors and still sees the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the Supreme Law of the Land, He is, therefore, one of the few Constitutionalists in the Federal government.

The man can give as well as take, both fairly and when the pundits etal try to overwhelm him (aka sticking it to him). He is eloquent, in an understated way. He doesn't 'put on airs' like McBama (my fave for both the 'mainstream' candidates). There is no seeking adulation as there is by Obamygod (my term for this mindless fawning for our marxist community organizer). There is no saying one thing and doing another vis a vis McBama.

Of course, he's treated like some figure of eccentric fun or derided, or downright ignored. The truth hurts those who do so. The 'mainstream' press (Bob Schieffer, CBS newsman, expressed wonder at what that meant after the VP debate) is in the pocket of the political economic machine so its vested interest and actual command is to be loyal to the status quo as determined by our puppetmasters.

How long, btw, are people loyal to this country going to be given an end run? I asked, at a baseball game after the Anthem, what would happen if all the people there would 'wake up' to the lies being shovelled on them. He replied that they would fight. Ron Paul wakes people up!

Let us be like Dr. Paul. Let's be like ourselves and wake up/get folks to listen to the truth of the state of our nation.

Below, some examples of Ron Paul's thoughts and how he handles pundits and politicians:

RP on CNN talking about not blaming capitalism and not bailing out.

RP teaches Bernanke (fed reserve chairman) truth about the bail out as Mr B obviously resents it.

RP discusses the previous encounter eloquently and is quite unshakable.

RP again steadfast and pointing out the truth. What a mental chessplayer and fencer!

RP questions McCain re working group financial markets. Note MCC smirking and raising eyebrows before RP's question. Then bemusement fades to puzzlement and an answer that is off topic. Starts about 1:30 to 3:30. The whole thing shows how 'fluctuating' MCC is re economy and how strong RP is.

As for Obama, his marxist rhetoric is transparent. Raising taxes then denial. Saying one thing then doing another. Wish Dr. Paul had confronted him directly.

Who do you want being CIC and 'leader of the free world' let alone just 'plain' POTUS?

I chose from a huge variety of snips. These should cut and paste ok. Also, just check out Ron Paul in general or per topic.

I hope you agree that this is a big regret for all of us. Let's turn it around and get the word out about what's happening. Ron Paul is only one man and though a great example for us, let us be our own ambassdors for Freedom!