Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Midnite Spookathon

Anyone remember those 50s/60s late night shows popular way back when?

They took place after the movie house had shown its last feature for the day.  Sometimes drive-ins did the same thing, usually with a past midnight showing or dusk to dawn fun.

These shows featured live acts, much like vaudeville with various themes.  Sometimes the show were in synch with horror shows currently playing.  Often, they would include 'actors' moving amongst the audience, seeking to 'spook' them -s-.

I remember vampires and attempted appearances by recently dead rock stars.  I kid you not.  It must have been the birth of celebrity lookalikes. .

One time, I must have been 8 or so, Dr. Frankenstein's creature got loose, threatening to run amok.  The doctor shot him in the head, with a subsequent 'blood' gush and black out.  Impressive in a grade school kid's way.

The Indiana Theater had these penny dreadful epics often.  It was where I saw many monster epics such as Horror of Dracula.  The nearby parking garage even cooperated and weird music poured over a speaker as one walked out.  

Now the movie house is the Indiana Repertory Theatre.  I've even performed there in the past.  You can decide for yourself if their efforts are worth seeing.  They must be at least as good as the spookathons lol.

As for analogies, I'll leave that to you gentle reader concerning late night monstrous machinations in locked rooms inside the beltway and state capitols.

Trick or treat -s-!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cartels And Terror

As always money talks and bull**** walks.  It's a magic show for the ages.

Drug cartels are big money.  They have many branches in the US.  Many have come over the border illegally as most of the thugs comprising their numbers are indeed illegal, let alone their evil activities.  They trade in drugs and all the fallout from then including prostitution, protection and arms trading.

These monsters are organized and include those with military training.  Also they include a wide range of geographic types such as Russian, Chinese and Mexican plus many more.  It's not just the Sicilian Mafia anymore.

There are various alliances mostly for convenience.  There is no love lost and many battle for territory.  They consider cities and neighborhoods 'their' property.  We are just saps living there.

Cops often simply tolerate gangs/cartels.  Many are bribed.  They are overwhelmed.  It's an elaborate game of cops and robbers and similar to the 1920s, crime proliferates while our rights suffer.

It's no wonder this scum will do dirty work such as gun smuggling for jihadists.  They certainly don't share the goals of the islamosch***ks and the fanatics think of them as just more infidels to eventually destroy.

But they do business.  It's not personal.  And this is all there is of principle amongst them.  Greed and hatred serve them as fuel for a diabolic fire.

I believe they are left to spread their mischief for a couple of reasons.  One is pure greed.  The other is to systematically destroy our infrastructure.

Imagine if we were disarmed.  Would the 'state' save us?  No.  We must study these mugworts and see to stopping them.  It takes terrific ability and yes understanding to do so. 

Of course there are those who wish to put a stop to cartel/terror activity.  They spit in the wind of the great money made and thrown around plus an agenda which seeks to use their behavior as another method of control.

Be wary and watch your backsides.  Armed America is a bigger stumbling block than we would be led to believe. Grassroots is more than those who would be our masters think. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014


It's pronounced 'Ahloopah'.  Scots Gaelic is an interesting trip down a twisty road of pronunciation.

So the land of many of my ancestors voted for independence.  It lost.  They voted to stay tethered to England.  It was, however closer than the statists and royalty liked. I bet.  Check it out.  It's ll over the internet, though slid down the hot topics headlines.

This cheeky Yank has an opinion.  Freedom is becoming a worldwide quest.  This has never gone away.  Though people are bribed with entitlements, there is a desire to strike out on their own.

My suggestion is for Scotland to break free, form a Constitutional Republic then realign itself with those who will actively destroy the jihadist threat.  Easier said than done?  Yes, but not impossible.  And Scots are renowned for rolling up their sleeves and getting to it.

We need to restore our own Republic.  It is supposed to be an example of Freedom for the world to follow.  But we can root for others.

An association of republics works better than an umbrella of socialist states such as the European Union.  Unity through diversity (Not the isolated attempt to pit people against each other) ie E Pluribus Unum is more dynamic than a pulpy collectivist blob.

Just my two cents as the international bankers smooth their ruffled feathers. 

One day Scotland will be Free.  People will win over the state.

Dreams do come true.  You cannot stop ideas.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Red Paint

Two kids, a boy, 17 and a girl, 15 were caught defacing a 114 year old Civil War memorial on August 28, 2013 in New York City.  There was no doubt it was this idiotic pair as they had some of the red spray paint on them.  Here's a tie-in story:

I haven't checked on their fate, but they were charged with felony mischief. 

Now I could go on about punk kids, spoiled brats etc committing criminal acts.  Robert Kennedy junior comes to mind for the recent climate march fiasco.  His past is emblematic and an excellent example of such people and their aberrant behavior.

I could mention how heinous it is to deface such sacred sites.  And that could lead one to ask wtf gets in someone's head.

What peeked my attention was the graffiti itself and the paint color.  Yes, I seem to always see something else.

A lot of the marks were silly faces and even the dips names.  There were indications however of sigils.

No, I'm not going all Supernatural re the series and its use of such symbols.  I'm merely noting there are instances where satanic displays occur and are largely ignored by the press.  Sure, sometimes sensationalistic stuff leaks through.  But hardcore demonic instances get glossed over.

The spiritual good or evil gets short shrift. 

Body, mind psyche spirit are cornerstones of existence.  JMHO of course, but the invisible is with us.  And I'm not weird bearding it for Halloween time.  I believe we ignore the spiritual at our own peril.

I'm also not trying to tell you what to believe nor how.  But this is food for thought and I offer it as such.

Red and black are common colors associated with satanic worship.  If you want to think I have an overactive imagination ok.

But idle minds are empty receptacles that are waiting to be filled.  We should be mindful of this and endeavor to fill with Light.

If we study our enemies, don't ignore the invisible.

As the Dylan song says, 'you gotta serve somebody'.

Down the line, I'll talk about what I think re collectivism and evil.

So color your life with Light.  Don't get caught red handed -s-.