Saturday, June 30, 2018


I like pie.  All kinds.  In fact, for my birthday the last few years, instead of cake, I've had apple-caramel pie.  I'm particularly enamored of peach pie.

I enjoy peaches on cereal, eaten like apples and peach ice cream.  And pie!

Seems to be a dearth of peach pies.  There have been shortages before.  There are of course, some poor quality pies.  One was mostly paste with a few tiny chunks.  I long for a full pie with big ripe cooked peach slices, lots of cinnamon and brown sugar syrup.

What do you know!  Sam's Club is offering a peach streusel pie marketed for the 4th festivities.  So says the brochure.  Valid 6/20-7/15, it has yet to make its appearance in my area.  They should hurry.

I've been waiting for all these days and STILL nada.  The home office said be patient they'll ship.  What's the delay?  Noone seems to know.

The store where I've been habitually shopping since the arbitrary shutdown of the eastside store, was clueless.  Guy at the bakery helped me search to no avail.  Shouldn't he know his wares?  Customer service rep said she didn't know.  Neither did the bakery manager.  The latter said the pic in the brochure was apple.  Uh-uh.  Peaches are yellow so's the pic.  The rep at the ounter said the baked peaches and ice cream was what I mistook.  NO.  The description is directly below the pie pic.  Sheesh.  TY for insulting my intelligence or showing your lack of same.

Southside said nada as did the west store.  However the girl out west said they might be in a shipment coming, so check back.

I did.  Nada otra vez. But the woman took my name and number promising to call when they arrived.  Better hurry the 4ths coming.

The northside rep seemed put out.  Um a reasonable question shouldn't stress you.  Go back to customer relations class.

So I and apparently a crowd of folks await peach streusel pie.

Where are they?  Why the delay?  And no, they aren't limited nor territorial/regional.

You might ask with all the bad stuff going on, what's the big deal?  More important things loom.  Suffering and death kinda override pies.

Yes. but I wonder.  If a promised pictured product doesn't show up, what else could go wrong?  And what indeed of customer relations?  When the SHTF are people skills out the window?  Another skills set will supercede them.

So I've decided to find out where and why just because.  The home office will love me.  Meanwhile Sam Walton's probably spinning.

I can btw, make my own pie.  I have that skills set -s-.

Told the ladies up north as much.  They said to bring them some.

The little red hen and I say hell no.


teacher said...

They should inquire.

Mike H said...

That takes initiative.

Mike H said...

The ineptitude continues. All 3 nearby stores have their own excuse re the pie affair. West side had trouble communicating. One should have a basic command of English. Then there was a long hold after which someone else answered. This jostled the original person who said some vagary re the dc aka distribution center. I suggested they find out why no pies and where they are. Southside had a gruff attitude at first and said it was a limited item. I schooled her no that the national center said no restrictions and they should distribute. She shifted to a lighter tone and suggested I contact nationally. Um already did. Oh she likes peach pie too. The northside was just as clueless. I suggested they contact their 'dc' and see where and why etc. Pause. Hello? He said ok would have manager. I have to call them back. uh-huh. National after I explained said I should contact stores and connect with department. Um uh..... Then she read the rest of my missive and said they would investigate. Please do so I said. screen copied them and will probably contact John Forner CEO. Too much? Maybe. He was an associate so he should appreciate my concern. Or not lol. What does this circle j tell you?

teacher said...

Let it out.

Mike H said...

You know I have no trouble expressing myself teach. And the circle comes back to more than pies.

teacher said...

A symptom.