Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Apologies for not producing one post a week. I've been out fighting the infection of liberalism. I have been catching up on the writing that, I hope, is supplying me with a solvent living soon. And, there have been family health concerns. Several posts are coming this week. You should see my notes. Like my scripts, they start out written on yellow legal pads, envelopes and sundry other paper scraps. I keep a notebook near me at all times. I'm glad for the keyboard to transcribe though. My handwriting looks like drunk chicken tracks! All the best, Mike H

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Friday Meeting 3/30

This is fairly self explanatory. Note the arbitrary nature of this stupidity. Bureaucracy reeks. None of this mattered. They implemented it anyway. I plan to make this arrogance 'stub its toe' and will not rest til no firearms in the Statehouse is rescinded. Mike H

I attended a meeting last Friday with Michelle Milliken of IDHS, Captain Sherry Beck, ISP and Brian Renner, Department of Administration. We discussed the carrying of firearms in the Statehouse.

I asked how they determined the threat level to the Statehouse. They paused and said no specific threat. They thought it prudent to implement the metal detectors and no firearms rule for safety and because other states have done so. I mentioned prudence is a broad word and one should be specific in its use. Also just because others have done this does not mean we should.

Of course I pointed out that the best grassroots counter terrorism is the armed citizen. I further said the Statehouse was safer with those of us who carry. Also, as far as safety goes we are each responsible for our own wellbeing and that the police nor any other agency is responsible. They admitted this.

I spoke in passing about the chat Johnny Nugent and Tom Wyss had earlier in the week. Johnny said that this will create a group of second class citizens. Sen. Wyss told Johnny that a lot of staff were nervous about citizens carrying guns. How many and after all this time? That is my question. Oh boy! My response at this meeting was to say we should help people NOT be afraid, to educate and at least get them over the fear. The trio was a bit stultified.

And I informed them I was told the State Police were uncomfortable with armed citizens in the Statehouse because of training issues. Sherry Beck said that was not so and asked where I heard this. I answered from police I had talked with. I also mentioned that often police have little training compared to many citizens. We then discussed training and I said that Indiana has it right not to legislate it. With rights come respomsibilities. We must seek out training and education and be taught this, to think for ourselves!.

My impression is that it will take pressure from legislators and the Governor to keep us armed in the Statehouse. I propose a rally to show our resolve and to have legislators participate. Any suggestions from all would be appreciated.

Regards, Mike H

Friday, June 8, 2007

Thoughts On Carry in the Statehouse

Freedom. The original intent of those who not only founded the US Constitution, but the original intent of those who founded the Indiana Constitution. It's nonnegotiable.

Article ! Section 20 1816:

Sect. 20. That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves, and the state; and that the military shall be kept in strict subordination to the civil power.
Article 1 Section 32 Indiana Constitution:
Section 32. The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State.
We are being denied this right by way, not of legislature, which would be unconstitutional itself, but by the arbitrary 'rule' that CTASC (Counter Terrorism and Security Council) has foisted upon the decent honest gun owners of Indiana.
Not only is this egregious, it makes those of us who have chosen to defend ourselves in league with terrorists, by the very language of this 'rule'. There is no thought to the people who have undergone FBI background checks, who have been willing to 'beg the state permission to defend ourselves' via 'permits'. It is insulting and flies in the face of what we should be about. We have become second class citizens who have no choice but to bend to the will of this unlawful decision.
As I said in a meeting with several CTASC members, we who carry firearms are the 'grassroot counter terrorism'. There is no danger from us. What are the CTASC members, State Police, DHS afraid of concerning us?
If the Governor is 'pro 2A' as he claims, then this must be an oversight. I appeal to him and to all good people to respond to our need to continue a tradition and RIGHT. So many in the Statehouse have told me they feel SAFER with us armed amongst them. This flies in the face of Senator Wyss' claim 'people are afraid of citizens armed in the Statehouse'.
I call upon Mitch Daniels to declare that decent honest Hoosiers with a 'permit' to carry (I have a lifetime permit as does Senator Wyss) to continue to carry in the Statehouse. There is more harm than good otherwise.
The Governor who signed into Law a Lifetime permit and declared that we also can carry on DNR land must surely see we are the same folks who have carried firearms in the Statehouse for years. Please do not stop us from exercising Freedom now. In the light of Virginia Tech, do not let us be stripped of our ability for self defense no matter where we are.
Pleae spread this to ALL Indiana gunowners and to all nationally. Indiana is a premier State for Freedom. Do not let us slide into negligence.

The Patriot

A work of fiction. Based on FACT! It captures the spirit of the time our ancestors founded this Great Experiment-the only Constitutional Republic in the world.

My 11 year old daughter and I watched together, though the whole family has seen it several times. Each time is a breath of fresh air considering the suffocating times we live in. It encourages, revitalizes, gives birth to inspiration for our times.

The cause of Freedom is timeless. Pardon the preaching to the choir. Spread this around if you will.

As with all things tv-movies we watch with our kids. We discuss and analyze together. So it was the other night.

We talked over the events that led to and commenced and ended our War of Independence. That included our own ancestors.

One of them was President of the Continental Congress for a term, was a General during the war and served as Governor of the Northwest Territory as well. Further one of my wife's ancestors was an original framer of the Indiana Constitution.

That and whatever might get some a cup of coffee. But for us it is a source of pride. And responsibility. Not just because we are blood descendants, but because we have a responsibility in the here and now to do as they did.

So many lost so much. Yet, they gained such promise. A lot has been frittered away. But the core of what they fought, campaigned and died for is still savable.

People are very afraid of 'losing' what they have. Imagine what some of our forebears lost. Homes, children, libraries, fortunes, lives. Still, they forged a nation based in Freedom. Not perfect, so many mistakes and sins against one another. But, the PROMISE of something that cannot be taken away, given by God.

Some of these folks even argued and opposed each other at times. Some freed slaves. Some did not. Some honored our Red brothers and sisters. Some did not. All risked certain death.

George 3rd had death sentences for these patriots, including my ancestor.

Are we so different? Are times changed? NO! Only technology changes, not human nature.

What is at risk now? More perhaps than was at stake in 1776. Or at least, the same thing-augmented. The challenges are higher yet similar.

One third was for independence, one third for neutrality or copping out and one third loyal to the 'crown'. Even less actually fought. Then again 'fighting' is a multi level thing. Body mind spirit. Light vs dark.

We are at great risk now. There are those who propose and have implemented security measures which do more than compromise our Freedom. All along our history, we have made mistakes and compromised our original intent. However, as said before, the hope of Freedom shines. It draws us all together. It cements us as a People. E Pluribus Unum-From Many One. Anything else fractures us and makes us so easy to control.

We are uncontrollable! We are Free! We are Americans! Don't give me color or creed. Give me Liberty or Give me Death!

Small matters=death by a thousand cuts. Every little gun law-code. Every restriction that puts our lives into the hands of government. Every 'compromise' be it guns, environment, where-how to live=micromanaging.

I tell you this regarding our ancestors. The people who founded this country each and every one are EVERYONE's ancestors! What's important in terms of that guy who was General etc is that he and all the other men and women, laid the groundwork for us to follow. It's OUR turn. We are all brothers and sisters in liberty! We must not let them down.

Pardon the length of this thread. It is from the heart and inspires me to inspire you. If I preach to the choir, then spread the word and never stop! Teach Freedom! Every place and way you can. Sometimes my wife and I simply talk to others about not being afraid of guns. Or we talk of how we are being constricted by a boa of tyranny.

Never give up! Then we are Patriots. Amen.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


What McAuliffe said. He was Commander of the 101st Airborne Division and attached troops at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. When surrounded, the Germans demanded their surrender. General McAuliffe replied with one word, 'Nuts'. It's said his original choice of word was more literally scatological! He held til the 4th Armored Division arrived.

We are surrounded in America. The gun grabbers, along with the rest of the liberal agenda, threaten our Freedom. Already, our God given Rights have been chipped away. We are bleeding to death slowly by a thousand cuts. Here in Indiana, it is no different. Perhaps just a little slower than, say California.

To begin, I'm posting some events that have recently occurred in my home State. In the future, much about our Right to Keep and Bear Arms will be discussed and other salient points. The Second Amendment is the linchpin of our Freedom. Liberty's Teeth (though the origin coming from Washington is disputed) indeed!

We have no 4th Armored Division coming to relieve us. We must save ourselves or perish.

To those who would destroy us from within and without, I say 'NUTS'!