Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Investments Or Bailouts

700 billion bucks. I could make a lifetime of movies with some mini series and series thrown in. It would be more than enough to fulfill my plans. I could afford to amply back those who are being screwed by the ATF, courts etc. I'm sure it's a figure meant to startle the public, the masses. If the Federal thieves get it, it will only be the beginning, or continuation of the robbery that started with the system that Andrew Jackson opposed.

There will be no history here. As always, search and you will find all you need to see how we have been manipulated for almost 200 years. I will tell you what I think is going on. It is simply another nail in the coffin of our Republic.

The plan probably appears elegant to those who would be our masters. Stealing from the people to further erode their rights. Make them think this will 'go a long way' to solve our problems. Can you say classic Hegelian Dialectic? I think it's heinous deviltry.

I can imagine how thoughts like this are laughed at. I know how these people operate. This blog is just a trifle as are many more to people who live in a very different world than most. More on that later, perhaps for Halloween lol. I guarantee they have their pitbulls and snitches watching us. There is threat assessment. Details regarding that very soon too.

We must stop these highwaymen/women from looting us. Reminds me of Prince John and his henchmen in The Adventures of Robin Hood. Self interest at the expense of the people. Let's stop them. Expose them. Talk to others about what's going on. It seems there is more self awareness and knowledge about what's going on among many. We can force our representatives to do right.

All this talk of disaster is fearmongering. How appropriate for October. We can overcome this and rescue ourselves from this credit debt monkey business. Yes, there is a threat to many who put all their faith in this credit based monetary system. There will be collateral damage. Damn my words if you want. But suffering is inevitable in any conflict. It is as real as it is in shooting wars.

It will get worse before it gets better. However, it will get better. Stop bailing out these monkeys. Let em sink or swim. The leftovers would be there for the taking by the people. Cutting taxes and easing regulations for businesses goes a long way to giving back responsibility to people owning businesses. How self regulating can we be? Let's find out, while we truly stimulate the economy with the American inventiveness and 'get things done for ourselves' way of the past. We must reign in Fed spending and make them accountable to us for what goes out. Eventually, we do away with the 'welfare' system. Folks can once again learn to take initiative for themselves. Encourage church related charities to help Americans help themselves. It's the only way to stop democracy and reinstate the Constitutional Republic. If we keep relying on this fiat economy, we will take our place in history with the Weimar Republic in a fascist state that Hitler would envy.

I encourage you to form financial groups of trusted individuals and beat the banks etal at their own game. Among us are many we know who should form 'economic circles' similar to intel groups if you will. It is being done. Look around.

Don't let these fly by nights scare you into thinking we need them. Make them aware THEY need US. NOT to finance their schemes, but to keep them employed for our best interests or else they go. I'm all for letting this current bunch go by and large. Let's be like Andy 'by God' Jackson and put the blame where it belongs. Let the bankers, legislators, investors know we are watching, we understand and that we will 'rout' them as he said.

I assure you the last laugh can and will be ours.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I remember one of my fun things as a little kid was blowing bubbles. Trailing bubbles both in and out of the house. I'd watch them as they floated. Some big, some little, drifting down, settling sometimes on objects. Some of the bubbles burst immediately, some wandered til they landed. When they did, I was fascinated and observed til they inevitably broke. Once in a while, they would make smaller bubbles that for a bit lasted til they too followed their larger precedents. Pop.

Life can be lived in bubbles. Some of them are more easily breached than others. It may take time. Blissfully unaware, one floats through life til that moment when circumstances converge and 'pop'. That which was is no more. Or that which is becomes clear.

I remember Cal Smith, who hosted an online show about the Tyranny Response Team in Colorado. He talked about what we know is happening, concerning our Republic becoming democracy. He had guests and spoke often of needing to know what was really taking place, how this degradation was slowly dissolving our Freedom and that it had been going on for quite some time. I'd say since before we were a country. There are always those who first try to squelch Freedom. When they fail, they continue to whittle it away. He spoke of 'rubbing against the bubble'. Some just keep drifting and don't give it a thought. In spite of all our history, all the events that keep happening today, some are not connecting.

I could be very blissful, even content that I still have my guns. I have every single one save for those that I have traded or sold, including several 'assault rifles', (or how about 'homeland defense' rifles to use the odious term 'homeland'). I could see the surface of events and think that things couldn't be 'too' bad, if I still have them. Sure, we had the criminal Clinton who threatened our guns. Then we got the incompetent Bush, who did little to help us keep them. But since I have my guns, how bad could it be? Very bad.

Our gun rights have always been in jeopardy. It's been part of the battle for Freedom from the beginning. From the attempt to disarm farmers, merchants etc that led to Lexington/Concord, to the War For Independence, to every statute law down the pike, we have been assaulted with attempts to make us slaves. This progressed to the National Firearms Act in 1934. It continued with the Gun Control Act of 1968. Then the erroneously named Firearm Owners Protection Act in 1986, which worsened the GCA. Of course, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired. There are several other unlawful usurpations of our rights. And there are plans under way to renew the Assault Weapons Ban. We now have veterans' gun rights in danger if they feel the need for counseling. The antis are coming out of the woodwork, encouraged by vehemently antigun Obama and compromising (to be kind) McCain.

Not just fed level but state and local crimes against our Freedoms continue. Think Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City among many others. While Indianapolis is fairly well off (our leash is longer) and Indiana in general, there are plenty who wish to take our guns, let alone control our lives vis a vis 'Homeland Security' etc.

I am NOT comfortable with my 'lot'. We are in the gravest danger that has ever faced the Republic. Just in the last few days, fascism is creeping closer with the fed buyouts concerning NYSE. We are being hit where we live as it were with gas prices rising and thus all other commodities, squeezing us slowly, like a bureaucratic python of control and slavery. We must get the word out. Never shut up. Don't be comfortable.

There is enough written about all these things and more. Check out John Lott, David Codrea and now Mike Vanderboegh among others. Mike V is writing a cautionary tale called Absolved. For more info on that go to www.waronguns.blogspot.com and www.westernrifleshooters.blogspot.com and there find the scoop on his missives and message. Guaranteed to burst many a complacent bubble. And Matt Bracken is finishing up his third novel called Foreign Enemies. It promises to be as timely and compelling as the first two.

As usual, I am trying to point some otherwise decent people in the right direction. Don't float in a bubble. I guarantee it will burst sooner or later. The result could be violent for body mind and spirit. It could be a 'rape of sensibilities' or maybe rape for real or one of several horrible truths assured to upset and meant to stop us flat. When you experience the state in its misbegotten monstrosity, then it's up to you to get past the pain and do something about it. Go beyond 'victimhood' and fight. When you know the truth, it is a formidable weapon that those who would be our masters fear.

Consider this a warning. Once burst, life will never be the same. Whether it's for weal or woe is up to each of us. Once burst, you will find you are not alone. Take solace in that. And build your resistance on all levels. You will find that you will help others as some will help you.

Friday, September 5, 2008


In the comment section of 'Better', I mentioned talking about religion soon. Well, here goes.

I answered 'papal xian' inre Protestants and Catholics getting along. I mentioned attending Catholic sponsored retreats and other functions. I have several Catholic friends and have known quite a few ordained and lay Catholic folks. I'm not wearing these folks on my sleeve. I'll get to the point soon.

I wrote that the situation in Northern Ireland is quite political. Politics infused with religion. That makes for the excuse to hate or at least be dismissive.

I also mentioned I didn't care to be Catholic (any more than my Catholic friends wish to be Prostestant). My way is different yet similar.

Perhaps the best way to explain is to say that 'religion' is not enough for any of us. We must LIVE our faith.

The root of the word religion suggests supernatural constraint (chains), to be dependent. I contend we must be free. That doesn't mean some kind of lahdedah anything goes. I expressly state that we must live our faith, that we believe and DO all the time every day.

I have heard sincere Christian folks say that one cannot be a Patriot unless one is Christian. HUH? They should find out about Haym Salomon. He was a prime financier for the War of Independence. Or how about Judah P. Benjamin? This gentleman was in the Louisiana Legislature, then a US Senator from same and finally served in three Cabinet posts in the Confederate Goveernment. Just two particular examples of Patriots who were Jewish. There are plenty more over these 200+ years. They seem to have lived their faith and were certainly Patriots.

I might point out as well that we are guaranteed Freedom of Religion as enumerated in the First Amendment. Jefferson has numerous references that we are free to follow whatever faith we so choose. In this Constitutional Republic, we are not required to pass a faith test. We are simply to live whatever faith we have and to not force anyone to believe as we do.

Politics infused with religion is divisive. Living faith in our daily lives, INCLUDING government, creates growth. There is no separation, just that admonition not to force others. And that includes those who don't believe, though Atheism is a 'religion' in that it is a system of belief albeit not in a god (though some humanists think of man as god).

Having that faith we then go forth to make this country work. And, in the case of these times, we must bring us back from the pit of democracy to the pinnacle of Constitutional Republic.

In short, be free and live your faith. And for God's sake, be free to be American!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Portrait Of An Agent

The following is an odd entry. But, nonetheless interesting in its own way:

Her name was Anna. At least as far as I know. She had other names. She was partial to Hindi-Arab code names and refs. One would start a flurry of 'inquiries' and bring back an old air of memory.

She was an attractive young woman with medium build, ash blond hair worn often in a ponytail and mild features. She could blend in or stand out, depending on the situation. One thing that stood out always, her eyes. They were stone cold like the eyes of Lucifer. She could, of course, appear to be the cypher, but there was always the hint of predator, ready to pounce.

Her interests were, likewise, rather common yet stark. Art, especially photography occupied her off time. She was prone to angular and bleak pictures of bridges, trees, empty countrysides. Sometimes the images would soften round the edges. Was she running to something or away? Also, she enjoyed eating well, rather eclectically. At times she would prepare her own, but her travels lent her to restauranting. One of her favorites was homemade bread. She was easily conversant, in person and online. And not.

These things described her personality. Outwardly, she was open, witty, even humorous. Upon examination, trying to recall her, people have said they could only recall a nice young lady but just could not recall much else.

For those who got to know her better, as it were, she always had an 'edge'. Through the light conversation there seemed to be deeply felt urgency. It was as though she would just as soon dispense with the amenities and get to what she wanted.

For those very few who became familiar with her, again conditionally, underneath the exterior, at the core, was a hard knob of dark dense metal. Things kept in, locked tight, sealed off. Self hatred or hatred of others? Denial? Fear? Then again, the only fear exhibited was when she was directly threatened.

She did the bidding of people equally or moreso dark. Perhaps the reference to Lucifer is not too far off for those. In this, she was never alone. She was always on duty. Analyzing, decyphering life like a puzzle to be taken apart rather than to be put together. I once played a tune for her and asked her what she thought. Her answer bespoke the notion it was a code. Everything had an angle. (It was both code and tune -s-)

She had come and gone like a dream, with dark borders and a hint of dread. Smothering might describe encountering her. She did her job well. Yet not well enough.


Well, I promised this was offbeat. For those who know, she could well be real. Or this is merely a character note.

One thing. In war, there are different levels. Encountering 'Anna' or her ilk is not unusual, in a certain scenario. Fighting takes many forms. War of words, spoken, written, enhanced, deemphasized. War of wills, of worlds.

War is fought not only with guns, but with minds. Ultimately war is fought with spirit.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fact Or Fiction

I have been castigated for my love of certain movies. This would include such classics as Braveheart and The Patriot and many others. I have been accused of living in 'lala' land. That I am basing my love of country and patriotism on either works of fiction or historical films which take liberties with the facts. I have been told that is dangerous and my sense of history is skewed, compromised.

My answer is NO. If I did indeed do as they claim, then what they say would be true. My sense of reality would be itself a work of fiction. That is NOT the case.

Since I was small, I have been a student of history, both American and World, both irrevocably tied together. My older brother, similarly was a student of history, so much so one of his college majors was history. He taught me to dig. I was something of an intellectual/factual archeologist! We had many conversations, debates, even sometimes disagreeing. Me a grade school kid challenging his brother, a college student. I was a cheeky monkey (apologies to Craig Ferguson lol). He required me not to back down. Proof was required. Was it my opinion, which was ok as long as it was acknowledged as that, or was it a fact to the best of my knowledge. I hold true to this today. It's the very thing that I do. It is what I have been accused of not doing! Simply because I'm a movie lover.

I have posted several missives here about The Patriot etal. When I speak of such flicks, I always admonish the reader to research the real event/s surrounding the particular movie. Never have I claimed that these are anything but representations that capture the SPIRIT of the actual event. I could spend a great deal of time ragging about the inaccuracies, stretches of truths and yes fabrications (usually for continuity or to combine events/characters for the story to flow). My brother would be the first to admit those. He would also proudly proclaim he too was a movie fan. They entertain but can touch on important points. It is the 'message in the ravioli' of which I've spoken several times.

Some would rob us of our imaginations. That theft falls right in line with the rest of the dumbing down we experience. Not here. Not ever. Just ask my wife and the kids when we watch the above mentioned films and so many others including Rob Roy. My wife is a direct descendant. She knows the history. Yet she can enjoy and be inspired by such a fine motion picture.

Sometimes history can be dry. One of my former teachers, Mr. Meek (Yes that's his name and he used to laugh about inheriting the Earth), continued my odyssey through the ages. He realized the value of presenting in dramatic and comedic form many of the facts. He understood that history was made of living breathing people. What is left of them is passed to us for weal or woe. He taught us to decide/think for ourselves. He quenched our thirst for knowledge emphasizing, not unlike my brother, truth. We each contributed words of wisdom from our own reaearch and our own inspiration. We would each do a 'dramatic portrayal' of a person from history each semester. He is the greatest reason next to my brother why I am a storyteller now.

Know the truth. Be inspired by same and by those flicks that reflect the truth.

Below, please find a small reflection on all those who have fought for Freedom and how it inspires us to remember and to humbly try to depict them on film.

Millions of Voices

Do you hear us, nameless yet with names,
Do you see us, our blood flows in you.
What we did, we did for each other, for our families, for our country, to get home.
Some for property, money, fame,
Most for a principle, but all died the same.
Do you see us on film, soundtrack blaring.
Do you feel us, when you sleep in silence.

Hear us whisper,
In the very thoughts you bear.
Hear us shout,
In your actions and decisions.

Many died young in battle and many of old age.
Many wrote or have been written about.
Many have done both.

We all lived loved hated fought.
We all did more than try.
Most of us you'll never know,
Except in a glimpse, in dreams.
Most of us you already know,
For your time has now drawn nigh.

One day you will join us.
Most of you nameless yet each named.
You will do as we have done
And pass the torch along.

I will leave you this time with this thought. When we tell the stories of Freedom, there are those who try to make it all fiction. They attempt to sweep away what has been done for millenia. Be it a nameless tribesman, or David or Solomon. It might be Leonidas, Judah Maccabee. Jefferson, Washington and Adams are there too. Crazy Horse, Mad Bear join the bunch. All the doughboys, GIs and militia. The names change. The message must not. Freedom is now in our hands. Our blood is on the line. Our honor, fortunes future. Will we rise or fall?