Thursday, December 25, 2008


It's that time of year. The Light is coming back. Originally pagan re the Winter Solstice, it has been adapted by Christianity to represent Christ's birth. This was done to accommodate pagans to give them something familiar as they converted. It by NO means diminishes Jesus' birth (probably in the Spring). It was established to give us TRUE hope.

Not the vague commie claptrap that is being foistered on US now. This is TRUE hope aka trust and expectation that is focussed. That focus is on the NOW as well as later. It is focus on assurance. The 'wrong will fail, the right prevail'. Only if we live it.

Faith must be lived to be real and effective. Of course it is open to interpretation. This is how I interpret it.

Light is Freedom. Darkness is slavery. We must primarily set our sites on the now. Because Light sheds Itself on all, we must not delay. Darkness fears the Light. I believe that the time is coming where we cannot hide. It is actually here. There will be tough choices. Honor, truth, sacrifice are on the line. Do not DWELL in hope. Hope is a crux that demands action. Make truth your objective. Plan ahead too. For the now reaches into the future as it has since the Founders.

I know you can see how our enemies make use even of such terms. They hope, have faith and trust. But it is the dark mirror of communism, of the death of individuality, of the death of our Republic. Focus is a key word.

The libs claim to 'focus on issues'. They actually obfuscate. We who will reestablish the Republic focus on truths that were established over 200 years ago and based on our God given Rights. Even those who do not believe in a god recognize our rights as a 'natural progression'. Fight or flight? Which is better?

As for this missive, you are free. You may agree with all or part. You may disagree with all or part. That is the greatest gift God has given us that is common to all beliefs ie Free Will. We only limit ourselves.

I know some will reject this. But I reach out to those Christian, Jewish, Pagan, agnostics and atheists etal who recognize what we were founded upon.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Solstice and a great end of the year to others. We share the right to believe as we will. As that can be sorted out, well Great Spirit will sort it out -s-.

We choose for weal or woe. The RKBA is another crux, inseparable. It is the basis that certifies we can believe what we will.

Below, I have a poetic note for your perusal. Use your Free Will to decide what you think of it.

Watch the stars, how they shift,
Watch the stars and know
That God's not done with us.

Watch the stars and planets shift,
We have not been cast adrift.
Watch the stars and know
That God's not done with us.

Darkness dies, Light survives,
Born anew tonight and know
That God's not done with us.

That Light gives for weal or woe,
That Light stays,
For God's not done with us.

The Light may wait,
But not for long.

If we wait,
The Light will fade,
But only from us.

Know this:

The Light will come back
And the next ones will know,
To our shame
That God is not done with us.

Friday, December 19, 2008

More Commies

Not the merrier. They are vermin on all levels that rot the very being of humanity. Am I being melodramatic? Well, check out the communist rhetoric of the 20th century particularly.

They are staggeringly the same now as then. Change. Hope. From each according to his ability to each according to his needs. Pith (and yes the double entendre is obvious), spongey material but vague social loftiness.

Tack all your 'hopes' etc onto the shooting star of 'fill in the blank' such as Lenin, Stalin, Roosevelt, Mao, Clinton, Bush, (gag me for saying its name) Obamanation). Forget about thinking for yourself. Just let go and the rush of help, relief will carry you.

This crap is cultural and generational. Whole families are raised in the commie matrix. As I mentioned in Commies the current pretender to the throne was steeped in communism. They may not sing songs to Lenin etc nor play the Internationale, but they ascribe to the 'party line'. What is interesting re these familial ties is that they are willing to sacrifice others but not themselves. Also many come from 'money, such as Ayers. And money talks like bs walks.

It is constant gradual deconstruction. Just look how far it's come. Think of Massachusetts, for instance. It's turned into a nest of vipers where once the cradle of Liberty grew. Such actions are deliberate and calculated.

The pride of these jackels is so bloated. Almost unbelievable. They of course think THEY are right. They are better (in spite of the hypocritical 'not being better than others' rhetoric). The crux of communism for the useful idiots at least is this ego trip. And the 'hope' of making the whole world one big gooey commieball. For the 'leaders' almost the same. And for those who actually profit on all levels from this sameness, it is the sameness of all EXCEPT them. Sacrifice others for 'they are the elite' thus it is their right to sacrifice the cannon fodder. The string pullers, the power and glory guys/gals know best.

What is my part in this fight? Just like yours (I hope). I am committed to reversing the disease and eventually eradicating it. I learned early what was happening. I have, since childhood, stood against communism and all its labels, plus the 'one world' march. I have fought it at different levels and have seen this slow descent. It has often been abetted by those I thought were against it as well. Bribery, fear, ego often compromise the best of intentions. Some become jaded and turn into that which they fought, whether they admit it or not.

I suppose I was raised and steeped in this Republic's beginnings and purpose. That includes my ancestors as well as many folks with whom I associated. I was taught to think for myself, plus having a damned independent streak. Some called it 'lack of humility' lol. I won't compromise. It has cost me friends and associates over the years. Certain 'work' was nullified because I was deemed too naive, too fair haired and not willing to 'play ball'. Damn right. No playing ball. No compromise. No dice.

I also learned to study the enemy as it were. Watch. Note. Just how do they 'tick'?

As our enemies work bit by bit to deconstruct, we must work bit by bit to REconstruct. Be mindful where we should be. Set goals. We fight an enemy that never sleeps. We must learn to sleep less*.

*The above last two sentences were gleaned from a Reisitance character in the short lived series Freedom which ran on UPN several years ago. I believe there are several 'like minded' folks who have come up with analogous statements. No matter who says it, it is noentheless TRUE.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Just noticed that good ole boy head of a gun rights group in Indiana is at it again. He seems to take umbrage to those of us who make it quite clear what we will do when not if we are called.

Thought he had at least learned something and that there are those who have principles. That there are those who repudiate pragmatism. That there are those who will restore this Republic.

Don't mind 'petitioning the king' as it were and attempting legislation to reclaim our rights. But when is it over? So much has been lost and so much more is going to be legislatively, that this could end up as peeing in the wind.

It is a slap in the face to say 'I think there are too many across this country who's plan of action is to boast quietly among themselves of what they'd do if anyone tries to take away their guns, but then will timidly hide in the shadows hoping they'll never have to make a stand'. WTF?

He should read Mike Vanderboegh for a start. He should watch what he says about others. Are there those guity of braggadocio? I'm sure. There are always summer soldiers and sunshine patriots. But blanket statements claiming 'they won't take my guns and I will fight' seems to say we do not have a plan. Nonsense. As to specifics, well there have to be some surprises for the tyrants.

However, I believe in self defense. If someone comes to steal my guns, I will defend my property and myself whatever the cost. To do less would be to let down not just our ancestors, not just ourselves, but our children and theirs.

I don't consider this a contest as to who will prevail. I do NOT make false or ephemeral claims.

So, buddy boy, do not presume to speak for me nor misspeak me. Don't hide behind words yourself. There will come a time when we will have to put up or shut up.