Monday, December 31, 2007

Baby Birds

Grow Up!

Reminds me of a story that a friend told me. When he was a kid, his Mom punished him and forbade him to come downstairs. Using his imagination and his winning ways he swooped down flapped his arms and proclaimed, 'Mama's baby birdie comin down.'

It's the sheer humor and wit of the story that makes me remember a friend and his childhood anecdote.

As well, it reminds me that baby birds must grow up.

It's natural that babies be fed and nourished with love as well. But that very love compels us to raise them to be independent.

We are burdened with a government that has babied society. They have spoiled many to accept and EXPECT the gov to give give give. Look at the debacle in New Orleans. That disaster, promulgated by Ray Nagin and his idiot cohorts, spells out clearly the nanny state we have become. Nagin had opportunity to evacuate a great many of the folks stuck in the flood. He copped out and fled. The Feds screwed up of course. The only folks who did well were those who took care of themselves. Some were paid back with forced eviction and gun confiscation.

BTW that good ole boy head of that 2A group I mentioned in Lying Low has groused how he has heard many say they won't give up their guns. Damn right I won't. He claims most have a 'Hollywood' attitude about making a stand. He does not understand many gunowners then. Personally, I'd consider it theft if anyone tries to take any of my property. I know best how to survive and they had best leave me alone. It's called planning, dummy! I grew my wings long ago and can fly away!

The gimme attitude of the many survivors in New Orleans and other spots says much. It tells how the gov has coddled many of us. They have come to expect the handout. They want to be nannied, to suckle the teat of the state. No thanks. My family initially taught me to stand up for myself. My study of American history reinforces this. I alone am capable of tending to my personal affairs. Gov had better disabuse itself of 'helping' me and many others. It is our duty to teach as many as we can to do likewise and boldly step forth in Freedom.

When we are babies, we need feeding and all the good things parents give. But as I said, it can ONLY be to the end of turning us out on our own. Over the holidays, I've had the pleasure of shooting with my kids. Our daughter prepared Christmas dinner all on her own. She helped her Mom at work. We always encourage free exchange of ideas, inductive and deductive reasoning, thinking for oneself, solving one's own problems.

For New Year that is my wish and prayer for the US. Each of us must do our part to turn around the controlling, stultifying trash that has taken the place of the Republic.

Stop it at every turn. Remind the fools who think they control us who the true masters are.

Grow Up! Fly!

New Year Old Freedom

Have fun everyone. But be sober soon, for the enemies of Freedom are many and never rest. For entertainemnt, and reflection enjoy this for New Years Day.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Hannukah

Chag Sameach! Happy holidays! Holiday means 'holy day'. A time to worship and celebrate. This time it is a story of Freedom.

Hannukah commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt in the Second Century BC. As with all of history, this is a long story. I'm giving the 'Classics Illustrated' version. For more info, there are plenty of sources on the net, including Wikipedia. I suggest you research them.

Antiochus IV Epiphanes became the Seleucid King. He looted the Temple, murdered Jews and virtually outlawed Judaism, defiling the Temple and having an altar to Zeus installed. He may have taken the side of Hellenized Jews in this instance.

This provoked a revolt led by the Maccabees, whose father Mattathias was a priest. Judah (the Hammer) was the military leader. They won eventually after much guerilla fighting. The Temple was liberated and rededicated. Judah ordered the Temple cleansed. Olive oil was needed for the menorah to burn every night.

There was only enough oil for one night. The oil burned for eight days which was enough time to prepare more oil.

Victory over oppression and a light that did not burn out. Let that light burn in all hearts as our Jewish friends set the example! We may need a similar miracle soon for the Republic, for all of us. Achmen-so be it.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ron Paul

Of the 'notable' candidates, Ron Paul is our only hope. He is the most Constitutional and can best help us back to a Constitutional Republic.

He appeals to a wider base than the mainstream press admits. Though some claim he is 'naive' concerning foreign policy, I believe he harks back to the caution we should have with 'foreign entanglements'. Good trade and relations but caution how we associate with other nations. That is NOT isolationism.

He is intelligent articulate and straight forward. A man of honor, he has a long history of standing for the Bill of Rights.

Check him out. Try these for starters:

Ron Paul 2008
1-877-RON-PAUL (766-7285)
Official Ron Paul 2008 Campaign Committee
Independent Grassroots Support Network

In addition, I urge you to research him, check out his history, bio etc.

I will do all I can to get this man elected. Hope you agree.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

No COs

There can be no conscientious objectors in the fight between good and evil. You cannot sit out forever. Eventually, you'll be drafted. Mike H

I can think of nothing truer. We can wend our way through our workaday lives seemingly blithely ignoring events around us. Or not paying attention to details that we should. One day we are tooling along and bam, we hit a wall. It could be anything. It might happen to us or someone we know. Or simply stand out somehow catching our attention. Like a light going on.

The event could be anything as well. A realization that there are problems beyond the daily cares, either inside us or outside. There are many wrongs to be made right. Many Rights that are being wronged. We might reach a saturation point when we can't stand it anymore. We must DO something.

An example for us was the increasing drug crime in our neareastside neighborhood. Deals being made on the street. Kid couriers delivering drugs/money or receiving. Traffic all hours stopping and leaving quickly.

We armed ourselves and worked with Indianapolis Narcotics Squad to stop them. We did. Some were arrested. Some left. We also incurred the druggers' wrath. Forever watchful we remain resolute that we will not tolerate such evil and stop it to the best of our ability.

The war I speak of takes many forms. And can be invisible or spiritual as well because that is the root of it all. That invisible aspect often takes form with drug dealing or pedophilia (a bad term it means 'child love' in Greek, when in reality it is child defilement). It invariably involves rape, murder robbery and all the crimes we hear about. It also takes the form of taking away our Rights. It involves destroying our Republic and creating democracy. It thrives when we do nothing. It can haunt us.

Whatever form and however evil makes itself evident, please do what you can to fight it. Help stop crime both on the street and in Washington DC. Pray against darkness too. The longer you deny it, the more painful it will be.

But cheer up! We can join the fight whatever way we might, at any time. It's never too late.

Pajama Party

Sounds like a bad B movie about girls having a sleepover. Gossiping, sharing secret crushes, baking s'mores etc. Perhaps some of the boys sneak over. Now, from there it could be rated PG or R. Or X. What I'm proposing has parallels. Hold on while I explain.

We often put on personas. It's very obvious in Hollywood (I affectionately and pointedly use 'Hollyweird' lol). There is a great deal of 'image' involved, especially for above line people such as producers, directors, writers, actors. Perception is often well over half of the process. Mind you, it's important to be perceived positively, confidently, as someone who is a winner. Never be dull or desperate is a truism, not just in the Industry but for much of society. In fact all of this is easily applied to many lines of work for plenty of endeavors. Nothing wrong with it. Unless taken to extremes.

What we wear can define us. I'm lucky, to my way of thinking because I can wear jeans and t-shirts often. I have suits etc for more 'formal' occasions. It depends on the impression I'm trying to make. An aside: Early on, I was advised that no matter what audition, meeting etc I'm involved in, I should have good sound shoes, no holes, no worn heels. I ascribe to that, except for certain times/events. And around the house, well... I'm wearing beatup sweats and worn, holey slippers replete with a crumpled cap to keep my bare noggin warm lol. Another aside: When in college, I was fortunate to have been befriended by Bob Schluep. He was a consummate master craftsman, primarily a housepainter. I learned to make a pretty good living then. We wore our good jeans and t's to work and changed into paint stained work clothes. For the trip home (or to the tavern for relaxation!) we reversed. Again, it depends on the calling/work and the circumstances/atmosphere. The 'trick' as it were, no matter what clothes, events etc, I remained myself. I never pretended to be something I was not. Sometimes of course, clothes are a calling card, a foot in the door.

Perception works to a degree. But the nicest Armani or Brioni suits cannot eventually mask who you are. Thus, someone could be a thief, liar even murderer or molester (or politician/bureaucrat?) and be the best dressed. Others could be wearing rags and be open, sincere, honest folks and might be about stopping evil. The sartorially incorrect can be eschewed just for that reason. But my Greatgrandmother, Rose Belle St. Clair Hiland told me long ago that it is WHO we are and not WHAT we are that counts. So be it.

How about a big pajama party? Why not a place to let our hair down, relax and be able to talk over things without worrying about putting on airs? Sound whacked? Well, I'm not one to be humdrum even in my sweats (smile). I'm asking us to look past the obvious (we so often don't). I'm asking us not to fall into a trap of pretending to be something we are not. I used to love retreats in college. Jeans, sweats, campfires etc. But lots of time to iron out ideas. To express concerns. To pray and laugh and cry.

How about a break, like the above, ok? Let's look past the seen and check out what lies beneath. Hopefully we do this with candidates. I know a good tailor. But he cannot mend and fit my thoughts and cannot change my spirit. That's up to me and God. And it's up to you too.