Sunday, August 31, 2008


The main stream media do a really good job of bending the truth. Or obscuring it. When it comes to gun issues they are nonpareil. A certain word or words placed at a particular point can make someone innocent appear guilty. Or people can be made to appear the salt of the earth when they are the vilest. They can even make it appear a gun is responsible for a 'crime'. Emphasis, tone, timing, and exclusion round out that manipulation that feeds pablum to the nonthinking public.

Vigilante. It's Spanish origin for watcher. Vigilant means watchful. It's a tale of a noun and adjective which essentially mean the same but receive different weight. We are told it is bad to be a watcher but good to BE watchful.

Officials (love that word) generally don't like vigilantes, that is, those who 'take the law into their own hands'. Argh! The law IS in our hands. This is a Constitutional Republic. That doesn't mean we pop people who displease us or with whom we disagree. It means we have the right to pursue justice daily in our own lives. That may mean through the legal system or personally. The 'official agencies' mean for us to defer to them in all instances. It's ok, they say, to be 'vigilant'. We may be aware, but then we must come to them for help. This reaches it's greatest insanity when it comes to self defense.

Cops etal seem to prefer we don't fight back. We must give in to the scum who try to rob or rape us. They want us to be 'good witnesses'. That is irresponsible and usually deadly. I prefer to make it deadly for the criminal. The risk should be his. The bottom line here is that I will not ##@@**! die! Thst is the byword of the FR&I firearms training group (I'm not affiliated, just familiar with them). I will defend myself come hell or high water.

Why are 'officials' so adamant that we come to them? We have been turning into a democracy. We have become a bureaucratic hodgepodge of dos, and dont's, all at the will of the state. The police have become agents of that state, instead of 'public servants' as they should be. It is a direct threat to the state when we 'take the law into our own hands'.

Look at how we are micromanaged besides self defense. All the permits, all the things one can do or not on one's property only at the will or whim of 'officials'. What we 'may' do or not in public and increasingly in our own homes.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights make provision for people to resolve grievances and to have defense if charged with a 'crime'. That has been played with to the point it's unrecognizable.

Being vigilant is becoming synonymous with snitching. How far will it go? Ask the former Stasi 'official' brought here to 'improve' our Homeland Security.

Where and to what limit will all this go? How far is government willing to restrict us? How far will we let it go? To what limit are we willing to take it?

'Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.' So said Wendell Phillips. This is what I suggest. Don't just watch what's happening, speak out! Expose this abuse of power. Make the words work for US, not the pundits. Be prepared to do what our Republic demands to set it right again! Defend yourself! To whom can we turn but ourselves? Be a vigilante!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Poison Ivy

I thought it would take 'an ocean of Calamine lotion'. In Brothers and Keepers, I mention that my son and I had cut back a bunch of vines and weeds. I paid the price.

Poison Ivy is quite toxic re contact allergy. It can also make one sick. Even in the Winter, when all the leaves and berries are gone, the wood contains urushiol, the skin irritant that causes the rash that drives one crazy. And the smoke from burning can produce the same rash on the lining of the lungs -shudder-. If eaten, the internal rash spreads to other organs. Terrible. Contamination can continue if there are traces already spread of the urushiol on objects. The oil can be active for several years. Yipes! It runs its course usually within two weeks and can continue for up to four weeks in less severe areas.

The insides of my calves were hit and on my left forearm. I had a case once ALL over my legs and some on the um crotch. That was intense. I still have sensitive reddened skin with a bit of secondary non weeping rash from this current encounter. Geez.

I take antihistamines and dab witch hazel on the remaining rash. Before, I applied calamine to dry the fluid from 'weeping' (Which does not spread it interestingly. It's the slower affected areas that do that.). This just treats the rash. It doesn't cure it. It must run its course.

Clipping and cutting vines and weeds obviously has its risk. Bit by bit we pulled and cut. And as I said, so it must be with government. Thus, the risk is commensurate. The reaction can be the same.

We risk infection. We risk irritation, unrest, and a seemingly long treatment. The only 'cure' is long term, systematic extraction. Caution! That might include more risk of residual problems.

Once done, we must remain vigilant, and keep trimming when government threatens to overrun our lives (yards).

Then we must replant the tree of Liberty and nourish it.

It's worth the risk!


As a writer, I realize that typographical errors should be avoided. I usually check closely what I write for content and for technical accuracy. Sometimes spelling falls through the cracks.

Is it sloppy? Yes. However, I'd rather get the word out I'm delivering and suffer scorn for typos instead of being castigated for lies or any further divisiveness. However, if people disagree with my thoughts, so be it.

My schedule is bizarrely eclectic. Fatigue creeps in. My fingers start to disobey.

Am I making an excuse? Yes. But my thoughts are clear.

Just be glad this is typing and not my handwriting. THAT looks like a drunk chicken weaved across the paper.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Just when I was getting ready to add some posts, here comes Joe Biden. To predicate to those who come late to the dance: Biden has a terrible antigun history in the Senate. He champions blanket 'reforms' concerning abuse without analyzing them. He has damaged rather than helped relationships between husbands and wives/men and women. His shenanigans have caused the socialist agenda to advance in Congress. Like our State Senator Wyss, there isn't a bill he votes for that doesn't obstruct Americans' rights.

Last night, he gave his speech as Vice Presidential candidate for the Demos. Among other things, he reminisced about his childhood. That's fine. I like stories of people's origins. It gives insight to who they are and what they do.

He spoke of his Dad's and Mom's influence and his Grandparents. They were middle class Catholic and hard working. I have a friend of similar upbringing in Ohio. In fact, that decribes some of my own family except they were Prostestant. To me, that's just six of one, half dozen of another. Or, it isn't the faith it's what you do with it (nore on THAT later). He mentioned his Dad speaking of honor. I can go along with honor. But his record in Congress belies that. Then again, his upbringing included a big dose of FDR socialism.

He said his Mom, referring to his childhood stutter, said he just couldn't get his words out fast enough. When he wore old clothes, that he was handsome. If knocked down, to get back up. And when his nose was bloodied, to bloody the other kids nose.

So far, I don't see a lot wrong. Encouragement, though depends on viewpoint. Our daughter is mildly dyslexic. We worked and homeschooled her, read to her and worked through it. Then, she began reading to us. A great storyteller, she's a fast thinker herself, an 'A' student both in homeschool and outside academy. She and her brother are hyperactive. We worked similar positive results with them regarding this, and without drugs or therapy. He's an Honor student again both homeschooled and academy.

As I said, encouragement depends on viewpoint. We have taught them to be independent, with inductive and deductive thinking/reasoning. They can defend themselves both verbally and physically. They have learned about our Republic and that we need to reclaim it.

As much as Biden's family loved him, those things seem to be lacking in him. His education concerning the Republic indicates he believes we should give it away.

I have sympathy for his loss of wife and daughter in an auto accident years ago. His sons survived and he still commutes to DC from Delaware to be near family. He overcame severe physical problems as well. Good for him!

What is significant, even if you ignore all else was what he said referring to 'better'. His Mom taught him that 'no one is better than anyone else'.

Now, I know this phrase. I've heard it from people over the years, many who are 'conservative' btw. I understand it. It's obvious Biden does not.

Better. It is a relative word. Some people are better shots than me. I'm a better shot than some people. Depends on training and objective among other factors.

However, we are all born equal. As Jefferson said (paraphrasing), 'we all draw our first breath as Free men'. Conditional 'better' should never be confused with equality in the reference to our Constitutional Republic.

We have different ways of learning and different capscities. We have different incomes and educations. We have different tastes etc. But we are the same when it comes to Freedom. And we must perpetuate that or we are lost. THAT is the difference as it were, between those of us who wish to be independent and those who wish to be entitled. Between those who say they are not better, yet want to keep 'theirs' while we give up 'ours'. Those who confuse conditional betterment with our God given right to Freedom/Equality.

Those who want to make us devisive diversity and not E Pluribus Unum-From Many One.

Friday, August 15, 2008

No Carry In The State House Again

Or ad infinitum. Or beating a dead horse (¤t=beating-a-dead-horse.gif). Below, a copy of a letter sent to Gov. Mitch Daniels a while back. Then some comments.

Dear Governor Daniels,

Below please find a letter I sent to several sources. In light of Johnny Nugent's letter to you, it is a 'post script' Look us in the eye and explain your evasive behavior re this topic. Thanks MSH

"I don't find it a big issue one way or the other, I really don't," said Governor Mitch Daniels.

On the contrary, it is a HUGE issue.

I was saddened to see a further erosion of our rights enacted. The Statehouse has always been a place where people can enjoy their right to keep and bear arms. By implementing this 'rule', it infringes that God given Right both under the Second Amendment and the Indiana Constituion, specifically in Section 32.

At a meeting I attended with Captain Sherry Beck, ISP, Brian Renner, Dept. of Administration and Michelle Milliken, IDHS, they admitted there was no study done. There are no probabilities or 'odds' about terrorist attacks on the State Capitol. This was an arbitrary decision quietly pushed through CTASC, without adequate input from anyone else.

I pointed out that basic 'grassroots' counter terrorism is the armed citizen. To disarm us is imprudent and dangerous. As Senator Johnny Nugent points out, it makes us permit carriers 'second class citizens' compared to the legislators and judges. Disarming us makes us less safe not only at the Capitol (think Virginia Tech), but on the street til we can rearm. I'd hate for the State to be liable for any harm that could come to us.

Many of us in Government and the rest of the Citizenry are working hard to have this mistake rescinded. We must follow the example of other states that have started to revamp victim disarmament zones and are enabling all of those who choose to defend themselves if need be.

Governor Daniels is a pro gun rights man. We call upon him to further show this by reestablishing our right to carry in the Statehouse.

Me now again:

I never got an answer to this missive. Is Mitch really a pro gun rights guy? Sure, we have a lifetime permit now. Permits can be withdrawn. Let me be clear: A permit system is nothing more than begging the government's permission to practice a right. I realize I'm working in a box here. But even with this system, we are robbed further by disarming us in 'our house'. Let me be quite clear: We should not have permits. It is our RIGHT to carry. Period.

I'm working in the parameters petitioning the 'king' as it were. As the Founders did, I'm covering my a$$. Soap, ballot, jury and cartridge box. I believe in them ALL. We must try ALL if time and tide take us there.

Would Mitch agree? Would he, as head of the Indiana executive branch, understand that when all else is exhausted, we have the right to 'alter or abolish this form of government', by all means necessary? That still includes all four boxes. In a Constitutional Republic, those means are never excluded.

I think 'our man Mitch' has forgotten how government is supposed to function. Cherry picking rights does not work. In these united States, it's all or nothing. It has devolved into little by little.

Oh yes. He signed into law the 'right' (to him etal permission) to travel on DNR land armed. He signed into law a 'castle doctrine' law saying we have the right to stand our ground and use deadly force if needed to defend ourselves and our homes.

I think the Founders knew that without a governor or president etc telling them. It resulted ultimately in a War for Independence.

Will we eventually have another one? Only time and circumstance will tell.

I urge ALL to do everthing possible to reinstate Freedom in our Republic. To truly make it a Republic in function and not just name.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kinky Blogger

It started for me when I couldn't access David Codrea's War In Guns. I explored and discovered this was widespread. Many liberals' blogs are blocked as well. Some claim to be back, but IE is still aborting.

Did I jump to conclusions? Maybe as several blogs suggested the Chinese did it (There actually has been a huge incursion this last week by the Reds). J/K, I think -s-.

Hope it gets resolved soon. Shall we all migrate to Wordpress???

I'll be off til late tonight. then we'll see what new chapter in the saga is coming down.

Below, check out what Blogger said:

Spam Fridays
While we wish that every post on this blog could be about cool features or other Blogger news, sometimes we have to step in and admit a mistake.

We've noticed that a number of users have had their blogs mistakenly marked as spam, and wanted to sound off real quick to let you know that, despite it being Friday afternoon, we are working hard to sort this out. So to those folks who have received an email saying that your blog has been classified as spam and can't post right now, we offer our sincere apologies for the trouble.

We hope to have this resolved shortly, and appreciate your patience as we work through the kinks.

Me again:

I wish every blog HERE could be about cool stuff.

Then again, what's cooler than fighting for Freedom?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Brothers and Keepers

Am I my brother's keeper? It's a much stretched out quote from Cain when asked where his brother, Abel was. Of course Cain had slain Abel. What a smartass and typical of that mindset that thinks of itself first. Those who go as far as killing and then presume to lord it over others. Arrogance. Pride. Perhaps the first psychopath. Lying to God. Wow. Then again we all can lie to ourselves and others, so why not God? Before I go further, I can point at myself. I have sidestepped people and issues when I should have spoken up or otherwise helped.

That said, are we our 'brother's keeper'? Yes and no.

People must take responsibility for themselves. They must learn to think for themselves. Sounds easy to me in the sense that I was taught that. Many of us were. But so many fewer are now. Americans are being taught dependence. Taught to trust the state, not themselves. Not so at our home. The kids are taught self reliance. I hope it takes. Not that it isn't, but that we have our concerns as parents. Don't worry though. The apron strings are cut or being cut with our kids. They will take their place in life to live their own lives and not the rest of the world's.

We must cut the government's apron strings. Just last night, my son and I cut weeds and vines, clearing land. Big yard. Lot of fence and trees too. Bit by bit we pulled clipped and cut. So it must be with government.

And that said, we must help our 'brother'. Even feed him-for a while. Give him a chance to get back on his feet. Not to take him by the hand and guide his every movement. We have enough socialists doing that. Give people the opportunity to LEARN to work out their own lives. Unteach dependence. Undo the clamoring and instill self reliance/order. We owe it to ourselves and the Republic to do so.

Healthy self interest simply is not blind pride. It is the notion, yea the impetus for reestablishing the Republic. It is instilling the reasons and ways that got us started on the road to Freedom. For if we are not EACH free, then we will surely fall into servitude. Serving others is NOT minding their every step. We have had enough of this.

Give people the gift of self interest and pride, in the original sense of being sovereigns and we will be on the road to Freedom again. It can be shared. Bit by bit. Start with yourself and work outward.

I have. I will stand in the breach, whatever that means and takes to get our Constitutional Republic back. Myself then person to person. Bit by bit.