Friday, June 29, 2012

Jericho Redux

Keeping in mind this is a television show, I think it bears reexamination, concentrating on the brief second season.  I suggest you get both seasons and see for yourself btw.

Briefly, 23 cities have been nuked.  The country has been divided.  East of the Mississippi a remnant gov based in Columbus O (Indy was nuked along with DC etc.  You'd be surprised about my hometown.  Lotta secret work here etc).  West has a gov in Cheyenne Wy.  texas opted to rebecome an independent country again. 

There is a lot of black ops in this show.  It's worth watching just for that -s-.  Robert Hawkins is the secret agent with a conscience.  If we have guys like him when the time comes, restoring the Republic will still be a bloody drawn out affair.  But such people will help make it winable.

Civil war is on it's way at the end of the season as the remaining bomb is delivered to Texas and they side with the US.

The Allied States in the west, is the illegal union foisted upon citizens by those who fomented the bombings in order to wrest power.

As we know power is never given up.  Thus a civil war which has as yet to be portrayed (I hope it does), is in the offing.

It is implied that it will be a long bloody war, since even with proof of conspiracy, the AS will fight to keep tyrannical control (They hold a constitutional convention and almost immediately the 2A is removed -s-).  They are aided and abetted by an all purpose company, Jennings and Rall, which blends with the gov and enforcers past the AS military in the form of 'Ravenwood', which does official thieving and thug work.  Anything sound familiar?

There is a strong resolve to right the wrong and bring the AS down. 

I'm not saying this is a primer for what lies ahead in reality.  But it's worth studying.  It could be a pallette for a portrait -s-.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


The Lord High Mayor of NYC has struck again. He has demanded a ban on high capacity soda pop.   Let me just simplify this.

Megalomaniacal billionaire Bloomberg is using a health issue to impose more control over the public.  These health issues are nebulous areas which may have some basis in a popular opinion backed by possible facts that all the sugar and caffeine is bad for you.

It's the same premise for smoking bans, helmet laws and even tracking sex offenders.  I encountered one who said they would come after them as a test to come after any of us.  It's one thing that he said I agree on.  No one denies child rapists are evil except for them.  So what's the harm in keeping track of them?  Helmets and or seatbelts save lives so where's the harm in demanding people use them?  What's healthy about smoking?  Foods are full of empty calories and chemicals ad nausea.

It's simple.  We need to regulate ourselves.  It is OUR choice, not the choice of gov.  Many make mistakes.  We should learn from them.  We should not imperil others.  People have a right to protect themselves etc.

The s.o.b. who hurts kids was right though.  They will come after us.  They already have and will not stop til total control is implemented.

Yes we must stop monsters who rape kids.  We must also stop monsters who destroy Freedom.  I see no difference.

How?  Sure we pinpoint them.  Real criminals can and will be punished. 

How far are they going to go before we take back our rights?  Yes, even to make mistakes. 

We should make those who choose to smoke to be places they freely choose.  Let those who don't take an implied risk or seek places where they may be free of smoke.  By choice.  That's all surface though.

It will get worse before it gets better.  And the controllers will bring punishment on themselves.

BTW, billionaires aren't the problem.  Bloomberg would be an ass w/o it.  It's what you do that counts.

Ex Libris

From the books.  I'm stretching it again.  But, I'm an artist so I claim artistic license -s-.  Yes, I have a rather large personal library.  Several subjects are covered as I have a lot of interests.  If the FBI and FSB want to know more, well I have no secrets.  Or do I?  lol

My work continues apace on a novel series which should include four books.  There will be an historical novel inspired by the series. 

I am continuing short stories and at some point I'll publish those too.

I might do some short short stuff  here and will continue four posts.

There are scripts including one I am still going to film in Indianapolis.  Maybe more later.

I've said the novels will tick off a lot of people.  Maybe they'll cause a snoring fit.  The chips will fall where they may.

Oh yes, there are 2-3 albums somewhere along the line.  Some will be pop, a little blues and some surprises, including to me -s-.  Throw in a couple of duets (No promise who they may be.  That will depend on timing who wants to do it etc) and stir then bake for a while.  We'll see what pops up.

A personal post re my career in fabulous showbiz.

What's it got to do with Freedom, the Republic etc.?  Everything.

We should be free to pursue our lives as we wish, as long as we don't hurt others.  Art is a great way to get points across -s-.

As for how much pain my work causes, either quality content wise or if it 'touches' the enemy, we will see.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Ok, it's a bit of a stretch but I couldn't resist -s-.  And it has nothing to do with the previous No Mas Pantalones.

In fact, I'd say it's the opposite.  We'd best be getting some steel pants, because the problrms just are not going away.

I've talked how the enemies of the Republic are relentless.  They have dedicated themselves to our destruction since before the Republic began.

Every mistake made, each problem we make for ourselves is exploited by happenstance or due to manipulation deliberately ar rhe hands of our collectivist foes.

Communism is NOT dead.  It gets wavy and indistinct but it's always there, whether you taste foreign or domestic battery acid.

Thus I speak of how our enemies never sleep and warn we must learn to sleep less.  We simply cannot drop the ball..  Each of us can do something from exposure to fighting on any other level that will be demanded.

Pray for the guys in the forefront of the fight, such as David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh etal.  Speak out or depending on the portion, lay back.  When your time comes do your job.

They have ultimate contempt for Freedom, for everything we hold dear.  And they do something about it. 

We hate the evil we fight.  Marshal that, control it and do your part.  Show we will sleep less, are more dedicated, not in a pissing match, but because they wish to enslave or kill us.  And we have a RIGHT to stop them, by any and all means. 

There are many ways to fight, so choose your weapons.  We are lifelong Freedom fighters.  And as the reds teach, teach your children what is right with a tenacity that is slackless.  Deal in specifics and do not rely on just saying we are better than they are.

Prove it.