Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hrolf The Ganger

He's one of my ancestors.  He was a Viking and I suppose they might have been one of the original gangs in history.  They were certainly a society, a culture all their own.

These guys were rough to say the least.  If it had been Hrolf on the Parkway (bear with me lol), he would have gutted the goblins who assaulted me and put their heads on poles at Victoria Park with signs denoting their crimes.

Well, we are civilized now huh?  Yes.  There are those who gut anmd behead but they do it for religious fanaticism, not for medieval justice.

We have civilized methods to deal with perps now.  The most effective is firearms.  But self defense is timeless and methods can vary.  I leave it to each person to apply what is needed both toolwise and skillwise for the best conclusion.

As for the legal system that supposedly proves we have advanced past Hrolf's rough justice, it's a mixed bag.  It is a major piece of the Republic we must bit by bit restore.

Hrolf by the way, went on to take Normandy.  He was made a duke.  My ancestors eventually came to England with William the Conquerer and several settled in Scotland.  Rough boys and girls fought and died and who laid the groundwork in part for Freedom as it has come about today.

Just because I'm descended from these guys doesn't make me tough.  It is a heritage of course that evokes pride.  I am here now however.  It is up to me to fight for freedom.

What makes me 'tough' is the resolve to restore the Republic, to be Free in all respects and to indeed fight on all levels for it.

The state should realize this about all of us.  We are ALL the descendants of anyone who fought for Freedom.  It is a heritage of choice as well of blood for me.

I think Hrolf is smiling.

Being Civil

There is a lot of talk about civil war these days  And there are a lot of ramifications (great word lol).  Being civil has a lot to do with it.

Being polite has nothing to do with it.  Being honest does. 

A lot of people don't want to make waves.  They rely on civilized behavior to mask cowardice.  And those who would control, who would destroy the 'experiment' that is our Republic, also rely on that.

When people speak out, not in blood filled fanatical rants, but in reasoned yet firm terms, that rocks the boat.

Our enemies have to do hazard control.  They are well studied and have prepared for a lot of exigencies.  No one can prepare for everything.  There is always an 'x' factor.  Thus there is being ready for the unexpected.  Both sides know this and take said measures.

Don't expect an explanation of that.  Its very nature precludes it.  But, speaking for myself, one must develop an ability to adjust and function no matter what happens.  One must instantly assess and act.  Not to reiterate, but my 'mugging' proved that to me.

BTW, I'm refraining from most commentary etc about that and its aftermath til it goes through the dredgy bureaucratic crapfest known as a legal process.  Needless to say, the state and its agents are performing as expected.  Stay tuned.

As for being civil, it actually requires us to shout and rally those who will rise to meet the threats we face.  It is also necessary for us to keep our heads.

Civilization is a thin veneer.  Human nature is the same, just technology changes.  That means we are capable of great good and great evil.  depends on what we want to achieve.

If or when civilization breaks down, aka the system falls apart, we will have to call upon inner strengths.  we may have to do things we ordnarily would not do.  But self defense demands such.

Then being civil will be the buffer that keeps us from deteriorating while we employ measures to stop the threat.

Being civil demands that we force damage control to overwhelm our enemies, foreign and domestic.

Keeping our heads precludes that we don't jump the gun as it were.  Those who would control us hope we attack.  We must play a delicately balanced game as we counter their assaults.

Think on your feet .

Monday, October 29, 2012


You know the type.  They are the pompous a$$ prigs who hijack religion.

Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and yes even Buddhism have had their share of, to be kind, zealots and accompanying movements. 

These people want to do your thinking for you.  Do not let them.  Some are in seemingly absolute positions of 'authority' in religious organizations.  Even if it means expulsion just make it, a 'you can't fire me, I quit' scenario.  

If you are consistent and keep truth foremost, they may keep you from an org.  But they cannot stop you from living your faith, whatever it may be.  The trick is not to let them get you to be defensive.  Then, you may seem to be protesting too much.  Be honest and avoid diatribes.  Length may or may not count.  If you can be succinct, ok.  If length exposes truth, so be it.

Mutual belief is NOT fanaticism.  It is agreement by a group in a belief system. 

Socalled fundamentalism is NOT fanaticism.  It is belief in a very 'conservative' vista.

ANYTHING can be fanatical though, when selfish interests supercede belief.  There may be a fine line, but calling for death to all but your group is a megaclue for instance, that things are off the track.

Imposing (aha) things on others is the super inkling.

We who enjoy and espouse Freedom would not force others to accept it.  Its very nature means it is freely accepted. 

We will explain it, discuss it, relate it to any and all.

Those who oppose it will stop at nothing to destroy it.  Talk about poobahs!  Emphasis on 'poo' -s-.

And if it is attacked, we defend it.  In words and deeds.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Real Two Parter

Braveheart and The Patriot are a natural combo.  The theme of the fight for Freedom is naturally passed from one to the other.

As usual, keep in mind these are movies.  As far as history goes, they are not accurate.  As far as the spirit of Freedom goes, the are spot on.  Artistic license has to be exercised in the best of projects, as it's all approximation.  I wouldn't bother with this except it serves as a disclaimer if there are a few who are either misled or are nit pickers for accuracy. 

The quest for Freedom continues.  What occured in Scotland segued to the colonies.  It was cinematically an embarrassment to some in England, an extension of the actual historical events.  I found that to be the case when I participated in a group discussion of Braveheart.  I suggested the above connection and initially received support.  Then, it wavered.  Soon, the people running the group ignored me.  And believe this or not, when I got to the site, I was tracked.  If I told you it was MI6, bet you'd say I was imagining it.  -s-

At any rate, some people want to indeed rewrite history.  Or they are embarrassed by their ancestors.  The status quo is a powerful magnet, causing some to cling to the past as they see it.

History should be a mirror or a light which points to the future.  Others make it conform to their skewed views.  As the voiceover in Braveheart says, 'History is written by those who have hanged heroes'.  It can be.  Or, as I was taught, it reveals our past, warts and all, to help us in the present to build a better future.

Back at the movies, there is the theme of reluctance.  Wallace, based on a real person, wants at first to just be left alone.  that ends in disaster because tyranny leaves no one alone.  People creep about, hoping to be ignored, under the radar if they just toe some mark.  They take quite a lot.

Some of these become collaborators.  It's the old theory that you feed all else to the alligators to keep them from eating you.  Need I say how that ends -s-?  Some reach a point, as did Wallace in movie and real life, that the only alternative to enduring oppression is to resist.

Similarly, Benjamin Martin, based on several real people, fought in the French and Indian war.  He saw and participated in some radically savage acts.  That's war.  He didn't want his family to experience it.  So he wanted to avoid conflict.  This, as we know, became impossible again in movie and reality. 

Tyranny is hungry, all consuming.  If you want a spiritual analogy, a preacher I met told me how demonic spirits behave.  He said they were not picky, that they wanted to destroy us all.

Ignoring and appeasing lead to the same end.  Facing fear and doing something go another way. 

Historically, we have fought for and attained Freedom.  We must do so again.  It is an ongoing dynamic. 

Quoting from another film, John Wayne's Alamo, we face what all people in all times have faced.  To endure oppression.  Or to resist.