Monday, November 30, 2015

Billie Thomas

He was a child actor known to most as the character Buckwheat in the Our Gang/Little Rascals shorts from 1934 to 1944.

I was looking for something else when I stumbled upon him.  It's so common for me.  One never knows what might pop up nor why.

I used to watch those shorts.  They were funny and fun to me.  I regarded the kids as just that, kids.  All of them.  It was kid to kid, where one could get into the action and suspend disbelief before I understood that process. 

There are several places William Thomas, Jr's bio and facts can be found.  Apparently Wikipedia is reliable in this instance.

I agree with Billie's defense of his character.  The kids were indeed equals, they were all in it together.  As for the 'pickaninny' perception, it was a cultural reference to kids who came from slave backgrounds, had language and culture, but were certainly not stupid nor did they feel put down., at least among each other.  Our neoracists delight in disparaging any difference as just that, racist.  Instead of finding similarity, they prefer to exaggerate difference.  As mentioned in Rd Guard, we have neosegregationists spewing hate and attempting to undo Dr King's Dream.

You can peruse for yourself the evolution of the character.  I'm more interested in how I felt about Buckwheat and the others. I contend, though some see stereotypes, I see a portrayal of humanity and common concerns.  They were morality plays for kids and adults alike. 

The Rascals were sometime brats.  Did they learn lessons or did the audience?  That's a mixed bag.  I knew right from wrong, in what seems to be the old fashioned sense.  I knew in my childlike way, that we make mistakes and we must learn to do better.

A lot of the skits were nonsense of course, with lots of slapstick.  Still I say there was a message in the ravioli.  One sees what one wants methinks.

As for Billie, he grew up, served honorably in the Army and went on to a film lab technician career.

And the famous 'otay' was originated by Porky, Buckwheat's cohort played by Eugene Lee.

As for attitude, the kids were na├»ve, not stupid.  What better way to get a point across than to poke fun.

Just an example of never knowing until one digs what one might find.

Thanks Billie.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Red Guard

Ah kids.  I don't know if the old argument of nurture or nature is relevant, perhaps.  I do know some kids are raised collectivist/elitist, such as you know who (I might post about something that has been on my mind about such).  Some are raised Freedom minded/selfdetermined.  Many are raised like Topsy.  Abuse on all levels has its results.

There is a difference between being raised open minded and thinking for oneself.  The former is a danger of a vacuum being filled by whatever might fill it.  The latter gives one a foundation for not just selfexamination but the study of just about anything.  With protection and experience, anything dark can be kept at bay. 

Often the college years are the most vulnerable.  Before, there is the refuge of home, perhaps friends and mentors of like mind.  And, depending on what I mentioned above, it can lead to systematic programming/mind control.  Not at all a 'conspiracy nut' theory, it is a common collectivist tactic.  A vessel will be filled with whatever is available.

All the claptrap at UM is a supreme example of this.  The terms, “microaggression,” “trigger warning” and “safe space” are well actual 'trigger' examples.  As in hypnosis, those keywords/terms utilize a nitpicking which spills into all of life. 

I read about the pampered collectivist dweebs agitating kids and immediately thought of the Red Chinese Red Guard.  I'm not the only one.  The analogy is floating round the net etc.1

Cultural upheaval is endemic to collectivism.  Based on lies and half truths, it cannot survive the test of time without revision.  In a sense, these commies eat their own.  Noone/nothing is sacred.  History is rewritten.  Keep em moving and they mightnot notice how false the premise is. 

I recommend Snapping as one avenue of explanation.

As for rewriting history, look and see how collectivists are excising Confederate events.  See how figures of history are compromised.  Note how events and people are out right erased.

For that try The Commissar Vanishes as a jump off point.

There is always much more and in the times to come, God willing I'll talk of it.  I'll expose and shine the light.

As always repudiate this neo Red Guard silliness as a threat to our own life.  Don't under nor over estimate.

The only safe space is the truth and facing fear.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sick Dog

Carmen, my daughter's dog (actually the whole fam's), is 10 years old.  She's part Corgie and Lab.  She also seems ill.

The hips are a vulnerable place on a Corgie's body.  Her hips are becoming arthritic.  It's hard for her to climb steps now, whereas just a few months ago she was bounding around.

Growths have been removed from her eyes and ears.  There may be an infection lingering, though it has retreated.  Only so much can be done though.  It's partly money.

Some wealthy people have extensive care available for pets.  There have even been cancer treatments and surgery.  That costs mucho bucks, which are far beyond many.

Most have to eventually decide if a pet has to be put to sleep.  An interesting term, which, among others, lends itself to sweet oblivion.

Before I go on a tangent about such symbolism, I should make a point.  As illness increases, more care must be given.  It reminded me of friends and family who have suffered and died. It reminded me of the increase in stress and he rollercoaster ride of emotions and thoughts, often interrupted with an incident requiring some level of crisis care.

All I can tell you when these events appear in your lives, and they do to some degree or other, is face it with cold courage.  Do what has to be done.  Get help, however much you need.  There is no reason to be alone. 

Taking care of the ill s taxing.  Take a break.  You are not alone.  Don't be chained.  Caregiving is something that must be done.

Perhaps you need the assistance of professionals.  These days a lot of people enter some kind of facility.  Vet them all.  Don't think location and money are everything.  Test them.  You know what's right, what's Light.  Search for it.

You'll always have people who 'dump'.  Sometimes it's overwhelming and they desperately seek relief.  Others are just cold hearted, manipulative b******s.  The latter will get what's coming to them in this world and/or the next.  The former can be you or me.  Remember, you are NOT alone.

Naturally things have been made complicated by that little imp and his cohorts.  Don't let THAT stop you either.  It's the same principle.

Dogs are 'easier' to care for, in a way.  But they definitely take an emotional toll.  As well they should and must.  Caring is a total package, with all the ups and downs.  Unless you are one of the b******s,
you can't avoid it.

We do what we must.  And we learn surprising things.  Some good, some bad.  Don't be discouraged.  There is nothing left but the doing.

Oh.  Pray and meditate.  These roads of Light are powerful.  Love never dies.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Yes, this time it's the little dog.

There is a lot round about in reference to the Wizard of Oz, it's symbolism, whether it's good or evil etc.  I just want to touch on a very obvious point.

Toto exposed the wizard.

Everybody was psyched out meeting this head honcho.  They were nervous from fear of the unknown.  That fear was reinforced by the blustery presentation the wizard produced before them.  It was intended to take their minds off the proceedings.  It triggered emotional response.  Exacerbating this was the obsession each had for visiting the wizard.  They each wanted something and were too shortsighted to see that they already had the quality they sought.

First they were given a seemingly impossible task.  They had to retrieve the wicked witch's broomstick.  The only way to do so was to penetrate her defenses, get into her lair.  It was achieved, the witch was killed, people freed and the broomstick was the trophy.  Great risk was taken and their lives were imperiled.  Determination and the exercise of the qualities they sought plus, of course, some dumb luck aka the 'x' factor worked together to achieve the supposedly impossible.

Upon returning, the wizard huffed and puffed, said he wanted them to 'come back tomorrow'.

Dorothy protested and the others said the wizard already had enough time.  Plus Dorothy said if he were really great and powerful, he'd keep his promises.  She and the others put faith in a leader to solve their problems.

At that moment, Toto, Dorothy's dog, runs to a curtain and pulls it back.  An old man is fidgeting instruments and speaking in a microphone.  We hear the famous 'pay no attention to that man behind the curtain'. 

Dorothy and the others castigate him and he admits he's a humbug or not honest and true.  She further says he's a very bad man.  He disagrees and says he's a very good man just a bad wizard.

We've seen the many references to this show and that scene particularly.  Would that socalled leaders admitted they were bad.  Their warped egos won't allow that.  They actually think they know better than the people who placed them in power and trust.  In my mind they are not good.  They are evil.

Toto exposed the fakery.  It was so simple and without guile.  Candor. 

We need to remember who runs the country.  We must remember we have what it takes within ourselves and quit depending on the same liars.

I know these things have been almost beaten to death for years.  But I did my 2 cents because of the urgency of the hour.  And there are many who need to see.  Perhaps you do.

I hope enough keep waking to the fact we have treason in high places and the collectivist lies are hollow.

With human candor, pull back the curtain.

We're surrounded by humbugs and bad people.  They're not even good wizards.

Then again, we don't want them nor need them to be.  We have the power within

Just pull back the curtain.  The enemy already does the exposure for us.