Saturday, April 30, 2016


It's a family adventure film about a war dog, his handler, the handler's family and how they come together and triumph.

Yes, it's unapologetic in its patriotism, but is also quite human.  It's not just a golly gee cutout.  One feels for the characters.  And these days, flag waving, small town America and good over evil are welcome.

Again, I'd rather you get the movie and watch it.  There are also synopses around.  Firsthand is best hand. 

War dogs have a rough pivotal role, usually these days in the Middle East.  It's a long history, perhaps older than history itself.  Their functions have varied.  In the movie, Max seeks out weapons caches.

What is significant to me is what happens when Max's handler is killed.  his body is shipped home.  At the funeral, Max is part of the Marine honor guard.  He rushes to the coffin and drapes himself on it.  Dogs know.  There are instances of dogs lingering at grave.  Dogs grieve.

He suffers from PTSD.  He responds to his handler's teen brother.

Much of the movie show Max rehabilitating with the brother. He's troubled and on the cusp of crime.  They are aided by a girl who is good with dogs.  I'm glad to see she is treated as a human being and not another racial cutout as she happens to be Hispanic. 

Now, what strikes me most is the insidiousness of the criminals.  They deal drugs, counterfeit/hijacked software/games and guns.  No particular antigun message, at least to me.  Takes place in Texas btw.

They are squirrely, deceitful and two hide under the surface of respectability.

One was a comrade of Max's handler.  He was trading drugs et in Afghanistan.  Max did not like him.  Dogs are very good judges of character.  Even moreso when this moke is cashiered then comes home pretending to be an honorable wounded vet.

Another is a cop/deputy who is one of the main criminals in the gun/drug scheme.

They slimily maneuver and attempt to manipulate.  Also the cop has two Rottweilers that have been perverted as killer dogs protecting the drugs/guns. 

In real life I have witnessed and been sickened by similar trash.  The evil done when, not only their drug dealing, but their pretended patriotism and service betrays trust.

This is a movie and all is well in the end.

Max lives with the family, the boy reforms and the girl dates him.  These things can and do happen.  It's just that often it's not done so neatly.

Honor, decency and morals are not outmoded.  They are the crux of our Republic.

Enjoy the film and remember that

Friday, April 29, 2016

Indiana Comic Con

Amusing this annual event is taking place in Indianapolis this weekend/4/29-30-5/1.  It's yearly and has been around for a few.  I don't think it's an offshoot of Comic Con International.  Probably no copyright on comic or con.  But the title is ironic considering our Presidential primaries and election.  Interesting times.

Conventions, no matter how small, seem a big undertaking to me.  So much detail and events, one could get lost in the maelstrom, let alone wandering the actual proceedings.  The International Comic Con has been around since 1970 and is gargantuan. 

There are myriad booths and tables, selling items mostly for collectors  Also people share their talents with classes in leatherworking, dying, writing and other arts.

You never know who you might meet.  I've actually networked at conventions in the past.  Met Mark Lenard at one.  He liked my voice and that's how I started studying with him.  Got a free autograph too.

They all seemed to be free back then.  I don't collect them, nor photo ops.  So you have only my word I knew certain people and worked/studied with them.  Well save for their private numbers and those remain private even though many of my friends are gone.  Matter of trust and honor. 

The celebrities at Indiana Comic Con are charging for autographs/photo ops.  Maybe it's considered compensation.  I doubt they need the dough but I might be wrong.  Things have changed and gotten increasingly commercial.

I'm all for compensation.  I want it too.  And there have always been people who charged for autographs.  I think Paul Newman charged a buck apiece but he gave the money to charity.  It just seems a bit much.

Is it greed or desperation?  I don't know and I hope everybody has a good time being entertained.

Remember, these cons generally showcase science fiction and fantasy/horror.  There is many a message in the ravioli about Freedom and the perils of tyranny etc.

As with anything for sale just remember Caveat Emptor.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flag Pins

For some it's insignificant.  Some disdain it but wear them as a cover.  For many, it's a symbol of pride.  Flag pins have been a mainstay of expression since shortly after 911. 

I don't wear one with anything.  I am not against it.  I just don't.  I have a Gadsden flag t-shirt.  I have a Second Amendment Patriots (progun Indiana group) jacket featuring an American flag on the left breast.

It's not that I'm afraid.  Hardly.  It's not that I think it's ostentatious nor is it wearing patriotism on one's sleeve.  I just don't do it.

This may seem like a silly post.  I get notions and somehow they work out, usually.

What I DON'T like are people, well known to be antifreedom, who wear these symbols like some kind of free pass.  Their hoidy toidy minds think we are simpletons and wearing that pin will convince us they are ok.  It's not like they'd combust wearing them, -s-.  I have a vivid imagination lol.

Reminds me of people who go to church, nod and sing, then deliberately go out and do the opposite.  I'm not talking about 'sin' or missing the mark etc.  Everybody falls short. It's the ones who with malice aforethought just go through the motions, all the time undermining what they profess as true.

Often hand in hand with that falsity is a surface patriotism with the same intention.  Just look at the Freedom sucking ghouls who wear flag pins.  This includes the Occupier of course and all the usual collectivist cohorts.  Having an R D L or I is irrelevant.  That's another flimsy cover for traitorship, defiling sincere folks with those affiliations, though these days they are increasingly meaningless.

Doing and saying are often two different things.  I tried, flawed that I am, to keep my word as an example to my kids.  No excuses and promises made that are kept.  Exceptions would be circumstances that would derail a promise.  If so, I explained why etc something happened.  Those professing to care about the Republic, especially running for office, would do well to remember and emulate that.

So, wear a pin, fly a flag.  My Democrat neighbor displayed his every holiday.  He was a veteran and retired factory worker btw.

A last note.  I never had an inclination to have a Confederate battle flag until the recent collectivist attempt to erase/rewrite our history.  Now I want a t-shirt displaying one.

And tyranny in the form of religion interests me in acquiring a shirt with the likeness of a certain socalled prophet.  Do not tell me what NOT to wear.

Freedom of expression.  Mean it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Election Reflection

Wow what a mud/poo slinging fest we have this time round.  I'd say it's the nastiest, but there have always been aspersions, true or false, cast upon candidates.

From the earliest days of the Republic, there have been plenty of examples of negative campaigning.  I suggest you go yet again to a search engine, type in negative campaigning or mud slinging and see what you get.

Both socalled traditional parties do it.  And one side claims the other is guilty in a kind of switcheroo sling.  Beware the liberals who try to make it look like it's all the conservatives' fault.  You'll have to filter through and decide for yourself what's going on. 

One thing for sure, stick to the facts.  Some may seem dirty like claiming someone is a commie for instance or another has cheated financially or socially, so see if it's true.  I don't care who nor what, authenticate.

It's a time for soul searching.  We can never find someone who fits the bill completely.  There is plenty of disagreement.  There always has been, always will be.  Simply figure out who serves the people and who does not.  It narrows the field considerably.

There's nothing golly gee about any of this.  Stick to the facts, no matter how brutal.  Our lives and the life of the Republic depend on it.

Don't be a headline browser who goes on a tangent.  Sure the Occupier of the Oval Office is a collectivist.  Don't take my word for it, look at the deeds done.  It's a lengthy list of treachery.  Check out who is a gungrabber.  Who serves Freedom?

And as much as I like some memes, make sure they're true.  If satire, ok because we all need a laugh.  Think for yourself.

We are being torn asunder.  Again, it's as old as the hills.  But make 'em tell the truth.  If they don't, you know what to do. 

Study the enemy.  Start briefly then continue expanding.  The more you know, the better prepared now and ever.

Election reflection?  What do you look for and what do you actually see?