Monday, February 28, 2011


As Mr. Meek, my high school World History teacher said,'The older one gets the less black and white things are and the greyer they become.'

That's true both literally and figuratively.

I remember that moment specifically. Mr. Meek was the kind of teacher who inspired and guided, never getting in the way. Oh he could mentally kick you in the ass too.

His words have come to mind from time to time, often ironically.

As we get older and greyer, so the world seems to blend and become indistinct. Things don't seem so cut and dried anymore.

In youth, we seem so confident, heedless of consequences and ready to leap before we look.

The older we get, we hesitate, looking before we leap.

Maybe one of the best things to come from that time years ago is that we don't have to ever give up.

Things get greyer but we can still focus. If we look before we leap, we may see where we can land.

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teacher said...

Aint that the truth.