Sunday, February 20, 2011


It's the town where my Great Grandmother was born. At home. In the 1870's that was pretty common.

It's still pretty quiet there. Too quiet for some I suppose.

My kids tell me they would go nuts living in the country or a small town. Not me.

Oh I'd keep a place in the city but I would like to live in the mountains or at least in a small town.

I don't want to hide. People who think that are in for a shock. It's hard to stay away from technology. Not impossible though.

Cities are ok. But if things go south, you'd better get out while the getting is good.

I'm not gonna go into all the survival stuff. Nothing wrong with it and the fact it's often demonized tells me someone is afraid of losing control.

Nah. I just have fond memories of small towns.

Be sure, there are dramas and even intrigue where everybody know everybody else. I even had a great great uncle murdered in Whitestown. No need to dig up details as it were. Just take my word for it.

Love birth love death with work play and lots of sweat included.

Some townies still see 'outsiders' as the new folks in town even after years. Some are very welcoming. Like all else you find good evil and everything in between. It's just that finding things is easier. Well the intangibles. A lot more stuff has to be imported or you go to the nearest city etc to shop. Whereever I live, I like to order stuff now online. It's fun to get things delivered.

I like to travel, but I look forward to coming home.

Small and quiet is better for me.

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