Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rocking Chair

I love rocking chairs. My Great Grandmother had one on her porch overlooking Main Street. She could coast back and forth, watching the people and cars. She could also hold court in warm weather as she often did with so many. For a woman who gave up cleaning her own house at 98, it was a simple restful pleasure.

There is no needing one. Well, unless it makes one's sunset years more comfortable.

Rocking chairs are chairs for all ages and all times.

On the symbolism side (Which I almost almost always seem to touch on), they are representative of peace, tranquility, of taking it easy after a long life.

Though there is a distinct lack of peace these days, I figure we should grab any r & r we can.

Besides they feel good on my back lol.

I used to sit on Grandma's lap when little and I remember how soothing it was when she rocked. I used to like rocking myself when my feet finally touched the ground.

It's a great place to think. You can let your mind wander and/or stay on earth and think just about anything through

Naturally I hope I get to rock my grandkids if I have any. Maybe there will be peace then. I suspect there will be a need to 'maintain' it though.

My kids and I will teach them.

Ok there is a great need for them.

Let's rock!

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