Monday, February 28, 2011


Traveling gives one a perspective beyond one's local limits.

When I was a kid, I was told it was broadening. I was fortunate that we travelled many places. I got the full spectrum from fishing with Dad and hunting with my Brother to traversing the country and some of the rest of the world with my Mom and Sis.

One of the pillars of travel was the fact I learned manners. Sure I was taught from day one about please and thank you. I learned about waiting my turn and general politeness, including patience.

This and more was begun at home and then honed on the road. Mostly manners were pretty universal. I didn't learn about cultural nuances til later on my own.

I still try to be polite and give people the benefit of the doubt. Usually.

The slow bleeding of manners by a me culture and erosion by fear would try the patience of Job.

When someone is rude to you what should you do?

Depends on the circumstances but I usually call people on it.

Cutting in line, ignoring the wild even churlish behavior of some kids and rudely accosting others are commonplace today.

Instead of 'excuse me' often it's 'hey, hey'. I ignore that one all the time staying in condition yellow, lest it be a distraction.

I sometimes meet rudeness with abruptness. Funny how that gets some lout's attention. Often these mokes expect people to be embarrassed. No thanks. Again that can be the tactic of some moke intent on robbing and or worse.

Part of this is taking command of a situation. The intensity varies but not being caught off guard is the goal.

If it's a questionable come on, I keep my distance and actually order the accosting party to stay away.

One night my son and I were walking down the street and a guy asked where the nearest homeless shelter was located. I told him but he continued approaching us. We made a circle and he still tried to close the gap with my son present!

He chose to move on, though in the opposite direction of the shelter. He saved his life that night.

I say this simply because it was escalating and he didn't seem to want to keep away. Of course it would have all depended on him if he proceded. Believe me it was touch and go.

I believed he was trying to test our defenses and decided to back off.

No matter, the rudeness was unbelieveable.

Don't laugh. Ok go ahead.

Now I don't expect polite thieves. There have been some but I wouldn't bank on the good graces of a thug.

And no, I'm not complying with some moke robbing me, no matter how polite.

Then there are those who think the world exists to serve them. You dare not to look in their eyes. Horse hockey. When you do, it makes them nervous.

When people are nervous, they make mistakes. Don't know if they think twice later and become more considerate. But if you call them on it, they have to move.

Again, here I am leaving this to you to deal with manners or their lack as you see fit.

Some think only the higher ground can be successfully defended.

Tain't so McGee.


teacher said...

Those under scrutiny flinch, but it can be in any direction.

Mike H said...

Then we must make sure we work on where and how.

moking is forbidden said...

Quite a chess game.

henry said...

The times are achangin.