Thursday, February 3, 2011


Pranks can be fun. They can be painful even dangerous. they can be hurtful. Or they can be serious.

We used to pull pranks in school. They were mostly harmless. I personally would never participate or initiate something that would bring serious injury or berating such as racial epithets to anyone. However, a little water never hurt anybody.

We especially liked to prank people who were prigs, the full of themselves types, who often were social bullies. And we would prank one another.

For security reasons (-s-), I'll refrain from detail except for the occasional crayon fight and water bucket. Suffice it to say we had fun. Was it at the expense of another? Sometimes lol. It was never mean spirited and no one was permanenetly harmed. Shoelaces? Crying 'boo' in the dark? Hey, joybuzzers whoopie cushions and barf pads aside, except for the social bullies most laughed with us.

Creativity was important. Being resolute and even sometimes detailed, pranks could range from simple said buzzers etc to more intricate almost 'Mission Impossible' plots. We didn't watch the 3 Stooges for nothing.

Oh and don't think we were stupid enough to actually do injurious things. We knew the difference between filmic FX and reality. Kinda the same thing with toy guns and real. There was respect and caring much to some surprised people. Oh yes, and common sense.

Pranksters have a future. There is a long road ahead for us all and our kids. A few surprises could be just the tonic to keep things alive.

And if we keep a snense of humor, we keep our humanity.


teacher said...

Keep your spellcheck Mike! LOL

Mike H said...

I promise to do better. Life is nonstop and it's hard to double back. Bear with me please!