Friday, September 11, 2009

911 Who Won?

It's probably sarcastic to say, '911 What is the emergency?'

I think it's obvious.

Enemies within and without.

And whether you think 911 was an inside job or a bunch of radical islamofascists, we are living with the results.

Well known are the increasing abuses of Freedom such as Patriot Act, TSA bureaucracy, Stasi type informers etc.

Personally, I think it's a combination of people in gov and business and radical Islam. As I mentioned in Cops And Robbers, one side keeps the other going.

There has always been terrorism or something called terrorism. For some, it can be a point of view. After all, the Brits considered the Founders terrorists. Or there are those such as Castro, Guevara etal called terrorists. And there are the garden variety jihadists. Or, how about 3pers? Terrorist or patiot/Freedom fighter? More than a point of view.

Deeds speak after thought. Motivation? True Freedom aka Constitutional Republic vs oppression aka Marxist ideology. Aka jihadist extermination or nazi liquidation (They have a lot in common and there were islamists who collaborated with Hitler the extermination of Jews the common ground.).

Then again freedom as defined by the totalitarians/collectivists, including islamists, is very exclusive. It is defined by the mindset in sway. It has rules who is 'free' and who isn't. And strict penalties for disobeying.

911 was calculated to shove us into less Freedom. The military have done a magnificent job dealing with some of the culprits. Certainly, they deal with that midnset that says death to all except Islam. Little has changed over the centuries.

My ancestors were among those who fought Islam soon after its inception. They were allies of Charles Martel and others. Would that they had stamped it out then.

Onward the crimes continued and were retaliated against, such as 1683 and the Siege of Vienna. The Islamists were beaten by tenacity and the unwavering determination to stop the threat.

Polish King Sobieski led 81,000 Polish, German and Austrian troops and routed the Turks, who fled in panic. This was on September 11, 1683. Interesting date.

Let's don't forget President Jefferson sent Marines to deal with Barbary pirates. Again I believe they should have been completely eliminated.

Now, we have the same problem multiplied. There are still Barbary pirates. There are many groups working to destroy anything non Islamic. Note the 'invasion' of many European countries by an infusion of Muslims. They increasingly make ridiculaous demands and act as though they run things. Maybe they will if not checked.

Brigitte Bardot castigated the French government for allowing this cultural erosion. For her trouble, she was censured and branded a practician of 'hate speech'.

Aner here, at home, we are being manipulated to accept 'diversity' ie, slow social poison.

Differences have made us great, but only because of E Pluribus Unum-From Many One.

I'm proud of my Scot-Indian heritage. But, I'm American first and foremost.

Naturalized citizens take an oath to protect this country and the Constituion with arms if necessary.

There are many who seem to take citizenship more seriously than born countrymen.

We have raised our kids to be proud, but NOT to take Freedom for granted.

And to refuse to surrender our guns.

In case anyone has forgotten, THAT is the crux of Freedom.


Saladin said...

What about the Crusades? Did you intentionally leave that out?

Mike H said...

The Crusades were well intentioned to stop the advance of militant Islam and reclaim Christian lands conquered.

I shortened this post because I have felt like crappola.

I will treat them in another post soon.

Dr. Pretorius said...

Do you have swine flu?

Mike H said...

No doc. Just some infection that attacks my throat and sinuses with enough mucus to float a senator's yacht.

It's a bug/allergy thing.

Don't think it will be featured on Fringe -s-.