Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Someone said that what's going on in the world is not a game.

I disagree, at least from a certain view.

Intelligence gathering has always involved gamesmanship. Moves and counter moves. I've often said that spying reminds me of a chess game.

The British have called it the 'Great Game'. That specifically referred to British Russian rivalry in Central Asia from round 1813 to 1907, though it is extended in re the Soviet Union. The term is used by some to refer to NATO countries and SCO countries over Central Asian oil pipelines.

I use it to refer to intel gathering/espionage in general.

Spying is as good as the person doing so. Even when the org is rotten, there can be gooduns working within. It can be remote or hands on. Not everything is electronic. It still boils down to the people involved.

Some of those people are good, others bad and some just routine folks. These are flesh and blood people, nothing more. Except that some of them do exhibit patriotism and courage.

Most of the work is routine, but more than one thinks can be dangerous. Very little is glamorous and the fantastic elements are rare, but nonetheless do sometimes happen.

The game has existed ever since one tribe wanted to know what another was doing.

None of their business? Depends. And that would take a book to explain. But when there is a threat, action must be taken.

One of our greatest agents was Ben Franklin. He was a master at gathering what was needed and distributing likewise. There are even those who say he actually worked for the Brits. That's simply how good he was -s-.

Wars are won and lost in great part due to intel actions.

So it will be now.

And that will be in be due in no small part to dedicated folks who take their oaths seriously.

Often ops work is either ignored or deep sixed, much to the peril of us all.

Agents/ops have very long memories.

But it is quiet and unassuming, so any grazing here need not think they will upset any applecarts.

Game on.


teacher said...

Set and match.

Peter Smith said...

The spotted elephant has been sighted. Or the elephant has been spotted. Better work that out.

Mike H said...

It has to be somewhere -s-. I did see a pic of a dead elephant not long ago at Mike V's Sipsey Street irregulars......