Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Red Dawn Ignored

With Patrick Swayze's death, in addition to prayers and best wishes for friends and family, there have been polls asking what Swayze film is one's favorite.

Maybe I just haven't been to the right places, but nowhere is Red Dawn mentioned. I've only seen mainstream tv, papers and web sites. Let me know if there is anywhere Red Dawn is mentioned.

It was an embarrassing film to many when it was released, and still is.

John Milius dared to direct and write with Kevin Reynolds, a movie about a Soviet invasion of the US. He showed the devastation, deprivation that war brings. He also showed how determined people who plan can win, always at a price.

Remembering it is a movie, it is a good study of 'what if' re TSHTF, both for how it's carried off and the response both internally and defensively.

Swayze played a recently graduated football star at the local high school. He seems to be one of those guys who is decent, but isn't very 'ambitious'. His little brother is played by Charlie Sheen.

They respond immediately when the invasion comes to town. Escaping the commie dragnet, they take to the mountains and wage a guerilla war for months, with the help of a few townies. Also, there is the 'grandfather figure' played by Ben Johnson, who has a secluded ranch in the mountains.

Later, they are joined by a downed fighter pilot played by Powers Boothe who refines their combat technique.

I'm leaving huge gaps here and am not trying for a particular review, save that you should watch it.

And we can understand why it's not being mentioned much by our leftist press.

I can imagine they might think it 'offensive' to their dear comrades portrayed in the flick.

There is a remake being filmed with the premise it's the Chinese backed by Russians invading. Timely (They do have maneuvers together sometimes.).

Get it and watch and be inspired that there are really kids who will fight when the time comes.

That's how we are raising ours.

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Cuz said...

I kinda like 'Next of Kin'. Gotta love Andreas Katsulas as the mob boss!