Wednesday, September 16, 2009


As promised, here is a little something about the Crusades in medieval times.

Thanks to our collectivist friends, many think the Crusades were a plot by the evil westerners to extinguish the good, enlightened Moslems. It's another swift sword to cut out western civilization and replace it with propaganda.

T'aint so McGee.

Quite simply, Islam has been a threat to western civilization and the world at large since its inception. Interesting timing that it came along as a thorn in the side of both Christianity and Judaism when it did. The Roman empire was gone and its Eastern portions were usurped by Islam. It was a religion born of the sword and blood. Peace means total subjugation of all that is NOT Islam.

The Crusades were responses by Western Europe to free the Holyland, which had been predominantly Christian and was converted by the sword and to help christians in the East. Moslem objectives were and are elemental: total destruction of all enemies of the Prophet and Allah ie Christians and Jews (and by extension all who are not Moslem).

Riches? Nope. Few came back with anything. The objective was to free the Holyland, not gain wealth. There was little and many who served were already well off.

This was war, not some medieval romance. brutal and bloody, the martial arts were put to the test. And martial artists the Crusaders were, every bit as skilled as the now more famous Eastern/Oriental experts.

There may have been a handful of Jew haters, but one of the objectives was to rescue Jews too. The were 'living words' of Scripture and were to be left alone, albeit hoping for their 'salvation'.

After the First Crusade, which did cause Islam to retreat, there was little victory. Each attempt was bloody and eventually the Crusades failed. Islam continued to rise. Efforts to destroy Christianity continued, and though there were victories, Islam was halted by the Renaissance and the advance of Western European culture.

Of course, tyranny never stops, never sleeps. Fighting Islam continued as I mentioned in my previous post and included John Paul Jones joining up with Catherine the Great to repulse Ottoman Turks in the Black Sea.

And on and on.

Today. Islam is a threat. Both within and without US. But, there are so many enemies.

Therefore, we must sleep less and not just counter but sweep our enemies away.

Shall we replace our enemies with new tyranny?

Or Restore Freedom? This is the greatest question of all.


teacher said...

"The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." --Patrick Henry, speech in the Virginia Convention, 1775

Anonymous said...

I think a little more research is in order.

The crusaders went to war against more than islamic occupiers. One of their targets, which they attacked without remorse, was the Ortohdox Christian church.

Urban ll saw this is as a convienent way to punish the Eastern Orthodox Church for forcing the Catholics to splinter off of the true faith.

Romeo Juliet Mike said...

Yes, Christians can be their own enemies at times, but the root issue of the Crusades was to retrieve the Holy Land from murderous pagans Anonymous calls for more research. Then I would like to suggest reading "The Legacy of Jihad" by Dr. Andrew Bostom. The meticulously detailed facts from Islamic sources give the true picture of the Crusades. The Christian vs Christian point he makes is a minor side issue re: the horrors of Islam.