Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scaring The Past

70's on a Saturday night.

I'm thinking bout the past. Duh.

Was it a 'simpler' time?


It was a time when I, for one, did not think. Many of us just slid along.

We thought we were 'ok'.

Sure, we had principles. Beliefs. But, we did NOT back em up.

We were self satisfied. We were real comfy and self satisfied. Self Satisfied.

What are we now? ? ? Where are we now..........

We worked, busted our butts. But we didn't think about what was coming.

How it could all be taken away.

Scaring the past.

The few did. The few will.

The Few.

Always the Few.

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DaddyO said...

The Beat Generation salutes you!